Steve Harvey's New Dating Website

May 4, 2010
I am a fan of Steve Harvey. He's like a uncle who means well, even when he doesn't always say it right. I dig it.

I listen to his radio show many mornings. I laugh at reruns of the Steve Harvey Show. I look forward to seeing him host Family Feud.

I even got where he was coming from with "Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man" and enjoyed the book, as he gave straight talk and writer Denene Millner polished it up.

No it wasn't groundbreaking information, just some of the same stuff my dad and many of the men in my life had shared. Sadly, not all women grew up with a father-figure to give them straight talk on men. Enter huge room for a best-selling book to do it.

But I had to get off the Steve Harvey train with his new dating website LocateYourLove.com. When a friend sent me the link a few weeks back, I shook my head and hoped he would stay a quiet financier in the background. Of course that wasn't the case and I heard him promoting it this morning.

When I first thought dating website and Steve Harvey, I figured it would be a website full of Black women, since they comprise much of his audience.

I didn't know I would be so right.

The photo at the top of the page is the one created by the site with stock photos. The images on the right are a sample of actual members, that I saw on the homepage.

Your eyes aren't fooling you: nothing but women show up in a random sampling of the members.

I am all for online dating. And just like real dating, you need to get in a pool with a good number of people you want to date. Sadly, it doesn't seem like Steve's site is that place if you are a woman looking to date a man.  . .


  1. Redbonegirl97 said...:

    I hate when folks use to stock photos to get you hyped only to tear you down with these online dating sites.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  1. Alaila - Lee said...:

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I agree with you because this site is made up of nothing but women looking to find a good man. But unfortunately I am not into women so I find this site so not for me. The one brother that is worth something all of these women are like voltures to the feast (and mind you he is a feast). There was a site that Steve Harvey use to use was Black People Meet, but that was a disaster also. Because the men are looking to put another notch in their bedpost, even the ones that state that they are looking for a real relationship (bullxxxx). So I came off that site and putting it in God's hands to see where the real soulmate is.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Gee whizzz, say cheese. . .why so negative we are all called to love one another, as it should be. I met the boy next door at 13 years old and married him at 18 however, it appears true, that he didn't marry me. Twenty one years later, because of his drinking problem and his refusal to own his behavior I left him, then he drank himself to death, after I left. He was only 42.

    See what I mean, we all need the right mix and this is the modern world, let us all live and let live that would be a refreshing change.

    Find the one you love, make the committment and work it out, people will change, as the world is always changing, but you can do it, if you try, haven't we made it this far---"Love one another, as I have loved you." Do you know who said that?

    Well, then, if you know the answer, find someone to love, make a strong commitment and work through the changes, find your love, this is as good as all the match making web-sites try this one and see!

    There are always, bad people no matter where you look, this is only another place to look, maybe you will find what you are looking for in a person, and hopefully, you just may find what you have always wanted but never found.

    Looking for the right stuff, in a man, means offering the right stuff too. We all must first own our own behavior, that is what really makes it all work. As for making love, who in there right mind isn't interested, once married, carry it through.

    Be happy, start looking for the right stuff, and be willing to give the right stuff.

    Wise men say, only fools rush in. Take the time and look, while you are here.

  1. Alisha said...:

    I haven't been to Locate Your Love, but the others seem to be just about the same. I wonder does it have something to do with your location. Some parts of the country are more apt to participate in online dating than others.

    I love Steve Harvey's morning show. I listen regularly. Just did a post about yet another tip he gave single women looking for love.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love Steve but, sadly, "locate your love" is NOT worth the money they ask.

    I am a member of a couple of sites and this one does not deliver.

  1. tialeoni9@gmail.com said...:

    i hate when i get all set to join and then somethin like a promotionalcode thing comes up. K what is a promotional code.


  1. Rosemary said...:

    Men and women are doing online dating just to develop a personal, romantic, or sexual relationship.. Although it is just done through internet, it is still important for the members to know their chat mates properly. In addition, many couples around the world met online and are living happy and fulfilled. Have you heard this site plentyoffish.com? I have read good reviews about it. You can check it out also.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I am also a fan of Steve Harvey. I enjoy the morning show, his TV show, and Family Feud. When I signed up for free membership on Locate Your Love, I was messaged with seemingly canned messages, probably sent out as a group message. They just sound fake! Then, each man provided a telephone number that was Voip all based out of New York. It is fake, and am glad that I did not pay for this supposed dating website.

  1. Boom-Boom said...:

    Dating is hard no matter what angle you use. I have had the pleasure of meeting some fine gentleman, some were a little crazy, yes. But I put them back in the pile. Currently I'm dating one gentleman from not in New York and working out just fine and let me and also handsome. Relax and just have fun you never know.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Steve has a lot of advice for women but I think he should give advice to the men. I created a user ID on his new online dating site Delightful.com The men are scary looking, most look like convicts. Some post risqué pix with very little clothing. I would never consider paying for this site. I would feel unsafe meeting most of these guys in public.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think Steve has some good dating advice for women but I think it's time he focuses on giving advice to men. I signed up on his new online dating site Delightful.com and was disgusted with the poor quality of men on the site.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I saw the Steve Harvey show today and was really excited to hear about his new online dating site Delightful.com. However after signing up I was disappointed to see the type of men that signed up. The men on the site do not appear to be looking for a serious relationship. If they were they would pick better picture and not their mug shots.

  1. georgeburgers said...:

    Steve's website is laid out well and is clean with respect to user interface. Unfortunately, it misses the mark by a very wide range when it comes to compatibility with others. He uses only the most superficial criteria (interests, smoker or not, likes, etc.) to select matches. These are common to every dating site, and are the qualities that LEAST correlate with relationship success. What does correlate? Deeper qualities, like personality variables, defense mechanisms, history of relationships (among other things). A few websites get at some of these (eharmony does the best job, match and chemistry do a fair-to-poor job) but even the better ones fail to go deep enough.
    I'd stay away from Harvey's site if you don't want anything other than faces to email. You can meet more people in the turnstyle at your local supermarket if you are open to new relationships.
    There is one site being built that looks like it might cut through all the hype and get to the meaningful variables, more so than even eharmony, etc. But its a ways off.
    Take a look at www.highrq.com. Its so new nowbody knows about it yet, but the psychologist behind it has a much better grasp of what really counts when it comes to finding a compatible mate.