Is it always better to give than receive?

April 2, 2006
Simply put, Hell Yeah!
On Thursday I went to submit an application for a Hearst Award (one of journalism's high awards for students) to my mentor and favorite Professor, Yanick Rice Lamb. I had completely forgot about the contest until she emailed me and the rest of the Hilltop Staff about it. So I take my application and her desk is a lot more busier than usual.
I get my last signature from Dixon (chair of the program) and am about to tell her have a nice weekend, when I remember the papers on her desk. So I ask, need any help? She thinks. She thinks. She Says.
"Yeah, can you copy this?"
Its her application for a awesome fellowship for her and two other journalists to research and report on some of the affects hurricane Katrina had. So I make the copies and go back to her desk. She has a huge stack of papers, 5 copies of resumes, lengthy clips (including one that is 16 pages long ) and other things needed for the application packet. So I spend the next hour sorting the papers, making a few more copies and even watering her plants.
It's weird a person who does sooo much for other people. She really had to think of what I could do to help her, since she is so use to doing things for herself. So once we got the copies sorted and got my application squared away, she says thanks. And I don't even feel right saying your welcome.
Because I only gave a down payment on the countless reference letters she has given me, support and advice she has made the time to give to me and other priceless moments where she has inspired and encouraged me. This former editor of Heart & Soul, BET Weekend, and Child Magazines, current editorial director of H&S, author and superwoman is my inspiration and gave the living spark I needed to think I too could make it magazines. So it definitely felt good to give to someone that I have received so much from!

To all the Professor Lambs who give tirelessly and seek no shine,

(Above is her official pic. Check out a new Heart & Soul to see her and read her words from the editor)