Oprah Did What?

October 8, 2009

You've heard the news. Oprah went on her show and laughed about being blackmailed for having multiple relationships with young people on her staff just hoping for a break. Many right out of college.

Guests give her high fives for being such a player in middle age - though she is in a relationship.
Her ratings go up as more people tune in to her one woman show of workplace romances and she's on the cover of magazines for how she is dodging such a big bullet.

Oh wait. That wasnt Oprah. That was David Letterman.

Because if Oprah, who is not married like Letterman is, had been having sex with young staffers it would have been treated as an abomination even for the Queen of Media. No one would be laughing along with her as she confessed to multiple trysts.

So why is Letterman getting such a pass for cheating on his wife at work with young impressionable women? Why is that so cool?

Dont tell me racism and sexism dont exist.