Fashion Week

September 25, 2010

I wrote a whole post on my experience at fashion week, which Blogger decided to delete. So this it.

For Colored Girls like me . ..

September 14, 2010

So, so excited


September 7, 2010
I was  looking for a clip for an article I wrote, so I  Googled myself. I then discovered I will be included in an upcoming book featuring some powerful women.  I am THRILLED and so honored. And not going to wonder how I made the cut, so that I dont find myself edited out:)

Daring to Be Ourselves
From Interviews by
Marianne Schnall
About the Book As a freelance journalist, Marianne Schnall has interviewed many of the world’s most interesting and influential women. In Daring to Be Ourselves, she brings together for the first time the most inspiring and empowering quotes from these interviews. The result is a compelling collection of insights and words of wisdom from women such as Maya Angelou, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Madeleine Albright, Eve Ensler, Jane Goodall, Melissa Etheridge, Cameron Diaz, and many others.
A diverse group of women of all ages and backgrounds is included in the book—from actresses to activists, comediennes to poets, recording artists to Nobel laureates. Their voices come together as one as they speak out on a variety of important issues, like equality, overcoming adversity, aging, finding balance in life, taking care of the earth, and more.
Thought provoking, enlightening, and even humorous at times, this book is a valuable resource for women and girls everywhere. It conveys the message that when women dare to be themselves—when they embrace their power, speak their truth, and believe in their dreams—they can transform the world.
Full list of women included in Daring to Be Ourselves:
Madeleine Albright • Isabel Allende • Maya Angelou • Sandra Bernhard Margaret Cho • Cameron Diaz • Eve Ensler • Melissa Etheridge • Jane Fonda • Carol Gilligan • Jane Goodall • Charreah Jackson • Annie Lennox • Elizabeth Lesser • Wangari Maathai • Courtney Martin • Pat Mitchell • Kathy Najimy • Natalie Portman • Gloria Steinem • Loung Ung • Alice Walker • Kerry Washington • Betty Williams 

Marianne interviewed me during the Women & Power conference last year.  So humbled to be among a group of such amazing women. The book will be released on November 15th.

Loud and Clear

September 6, 2010
Saturday afternoon me and my boyfriend took the train out to Lakeview in Long Island for a family get together and bbq of my adopted auntie Marcia Gillespie.

We weren't sure what to expect, but the second we were scooped up from the station and walked through the door it was like we were a part of the family. On the ride over her niece told us about the tight-knit Black neighborhood they lived in, and pointed out Donnie McClurkin's house a few doors from theirs.

The day was GORGEOUS. Marcia took us to the park and nature preserve not far from the house that was beautiful. I wish I had brought my camera to capture the big and small sunflowers and lush bushes and tree limbs we had to duck under on the walkway. We realized this was something we both needed. A time out from the hustle and busy-ness of the city.

Getting back to the house we mixed and mingled, until the food was ready. I started talking with Jehmu, who turned out to be the President of the Women's Media Center, which blew my mind as I had just applied for a media program there literally hours before, and she would be making the decision. We both laughed and I realized you definitely have to be ready for what you ask for, as she asked me questions right there.

Then it was time to eat. Baked beans, grilled chicken, okra, fresh corn, potato salad, sweet potato pie and on and on . . . I just kept thinking how gorgeous and good it felt  out there. Then it was time for gut-busting laughter for the next two hours. We realized the universe was answering our requests with the quickness and all put a few more wants and wishes out there.

I couldnt have asked for more as I soaked up the wisdom and stories of so many great women. Marcia's stunning and newly 75 year old sister was in town from Vegas and we discussed Avatar which she had just seen in 3-D, which lead to how Aboriginal people had their children taken in Austraila. The next door neighbor Doris, who has been married for 51 years and looks 49, offered to teach me to play Bridge, after warning me its a step up from all the card games Ive played and telling how she travels the country playing and attends the annual conference. You know I accepted:)

The good stories and good food continued. I got invited to speak at another college and to top it off Jehmu offered us a ride back into the city. During the drive, manfriend answered the "How did you all meet?" question and Marcia told more of her experiences as EIC of Essence in the 70s.

What a night.

Once home I told my boyfriend, it would be great to have a car to get out of the city like that more often.

The next morning I got an email that after three months of waiting, I was now a member of Hertz Connect, to rent cars by the hour easily in the city.

The Universe is not playing . . .