A Spike Lee Joint.

September 26, 2008

After you watch the debate, go check out "Miracle at St. Anna."

I saw the film a few weeks ago and it was beautifully made and an incredible story. One of the things about screenings is it's suppose to be work so you aren't their as a consumer. If you really want to look like you are all business pull out your notepad. Though I don't believe for a sec you are writing in the dark . . .Mr. White Hair and glasses. That business facade totally didn't work at SATC when I fought back tears . . .twice. And in this film by Spike Lee based on the novel by James McBride, I wanted to stand and clap when it was done. This is the first time in a while I saw a movie that was based on a book and I hadnt read the book yet (though I dont agree with Belle that Devil Wears Prada's book was better than the movie.) If the movie was this good, I can only imagine what's in store for the book.
This week I had the pleasure to catch up with some of the Buffalo Soldiers of the film, my fellow bison Laz Alonso who was incredible in the film as we watched him go from a young soldier to an older man, the clever Omar Benson Miller who made me want to hum "Watch out for the big boy" with his charming self, and the calm and collected Michael Ealy who was nothing like I thought he would be. What I got was an incredibly sharp and subdued brother who was not the bad boy he can play his butt off as. And when he said he thought about going back to theater all the time and is looking for the next Lorraine Hansberry to create the next amazing play, I gave him the serious side-eye over the phone, as he pulled my card. I simply adore Lorraine and in my dreams we are old friends. Ok. When I am awake she is still my kindred spirit who I sometimes fantasize is passing her torch to me . . . Yes, it's that deep. Whit called me on my love of Lorraine on her blog and how I told her she could be Nina Simone (one of those moments you realize your craziness through someone else's eyes)
Anywho, in these times of Obama . . . we definitely have to remember how far we've come and how far we have to go
Now Im on the quest for a "Chocolate Giant" or am I just loving that phrase . . .

Loving the blog love

September 24, 2008
Thanks for your comments and for reading incognegro;)

Sorry if you read something and you don't get it . . .(Shaena is still scratching her head on the Spanx post, the joys of never experiencing your thighs touching .  . ..lol). I will just let it stay over the head  . . .tonight I heard T.D. Jakes speak. I now love that man and see why he's so huge. Felt like he was my uncle or something. That new book "Before You Do" sounds like hot stuff!

Mouth of Babes

September 21, 2008

"Are you registered to vote?" she asked when I picked up the phone.

No hello, no good morning. Took me a second to comprehend. It was Saturday and my first morning to sleep in weeks after working 12 days straight. I had spent the night before being a good friend and helping my buddy see if a male review was worthy of the upcoming bachelorette party she's throwing . . .

"Yes," I answered with a smile. And cradled the phone to talk to my 9--year-old baby sister, who I keep realizing is no baby. She was hanging with my dad outside of Wal-Mart as he helped register folks to vote. See why I love them? Earlier this year after the primaries she asked me had I voted and if I had voted for Hillary or Barack. If I could vote, I'd vote for Barack she said. She's been learning about weather at school and Native Americans (and excited I volunteered us to make some different types of corn for the holiday). She tells me to hold on as she applies her lip gloss. Then we sing our fav song: Peanut Butter Jelly Time.
This pic is from when the three of us went fishing for her 6th birthday. Dad made a rule whoever caught the biggest fish won. After fish 3 for her, I was still waiting for one to tug my line. I caught one. She caught 3 more. I catch a big one. She leaves with 9, me 3, but I did have the biggest . . .
I feel guilty I dont see her more. She asks when Im coming everytime we chat. I want to see her step team break it down at the PTA meeting next week. One day. Today duty calls

A lovely day

September 15, 2008

If I haven't returned your call/facebook message/text/bberry ping/twiter reply/email, missed your birthday or just been plan MIA, here's why . . .the new ESSENCE.com launched today!!

Take quizzes (and not just because I wrote the first date and Tyler Perry ones;), watch video and view photos!

Got a sexy social network too (friend me;)!

Also, Mo'Nique's October issue is now sale. I loved seeing this issue come together as a special tribute to full-figured women. Watch out for the big girls!!! Her story of surviving sexual abuse touched my heart and she really is a survivor.(changed this text because when I reread seemed like I had been a victim and I am so blessed to have never gone through any thing like that. Sitting around talking to my girls after my Charm Trunk sale a few weeks back it was scary how they said the stats is like 1 in 4 girls. Freaks me out! )

This morning walking in seeing all the news cameras outside to report the fall of Lehman Brothers was surreal. Made me a lot more thankful for a steady gig - and reinforced the importance of getting yo savings up.

Read a really good article by my buddy Courtney on American Prospect on how Palin would set women up not advance us if elected. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Me and the McCains

September 13, 2008
One of the perks of working at Time Inc is having access to all the titles. I scooped up the Obama family on People and put a cover up in my cube within minutes. That Sasha. What a Ham:). I had Reggie Love's profile asap when checking out the hot bachelors issue. And when the Obama's and Biden's made their debut inside, and Michelle referred to them as "her crew," I loved her even more. She is the homie!
So when we got the issue this week with the McCain's on the cover I zeroed in on the fact that one of these things is not like the other! Their Indian daughter has always intrigued me and I can't wait to read her story, which would be great if it were with us. So I was pissed to see her regulated to the floor, where you would put the family dog. J and Michelle I think enjoy how emotional I can get, and were quick to say, that it almost looked like me . . .

The next day in our morning staff meeting I went on a rant on as it sunk in how on newssatands you won't even see her the way magazines are stacked on each other and continued on my soap box again once, when I saw not only was she all down at the bottom on the cover, but inside the issue it was even worst how the whole family is sitting on the couch or standing behind and she is sitting on the floor. Not one of the brothers could say," hey sis, you don't have to sit on the floor. take my spot."

Had me speaking French. WutInDeeeHel. Later that night, I see Michelle and J chuckling and looking in my direction as we all work hard in prep of the new and improved site. J, saunters over to my cube and quickly pins this to the wall. We all BURST out laughing. I can't even lie, I blended perfectly. Photoshop is the devil

Spanx Me

September 12, 2008
He is by far one of the finest men I have ever laid eyes on. Dipped in chocolate. Dimpled smirk. Pearly white teeth. Big brown eyes. Nice natural muscular build. Plenty of swag. The longest eye lashes I've ever seen. {got a tale on fake lashes for another time } He is the living breathing fantasy man Midnight from The Coldest Winter Ever.

I smile every time I see him. Then always settles a sinking feeling for the great man he could have been, well that he could still be. If he wasn't in these streets making a living. If living is what you could call it with an uncut umbilical cord always pulling him back to the few blocks he has probably spent his whole life in. And in the shadows of the capital of the world. Damn.

We chat all the time. He makes me laugh. I overestimate my strength and underestimate how heavy eggs, milk and lean cuisine meals weigh. He helps me take my groceries upstairs. Never once has he said anything inappropriate. Did I mention he has serious swag?

Yesterday morning I saw him. We smiled. He was standing with a group of guys. I was rushing, like I have been every morning this week with the craziness of a relaunch over my head and mama has been stepping it up (ok, a few tantrums in between . . .)

The eyes of the guys he is with aren't as kind as his. At the last minute I threw on a dress after planning to wear jeans, when I remembered it was the first day of my new boss and I wanted to be in a dress. It wasn't one of my usual wrap dresses and in my haste I didn't put on some boy shorts or even a slip . . .

Midnight was cordial. . . and so were the fellas. Until I walked past: "You jiggling baby, go head baby," the biggest one sang. I didn't want to look back and see if joined in the laughing.

This morning I crossed the street when I saw a whole nother group of guys. I'm usually sweet and if you say good morning I speak. You never know how far a sweet smile and hello can go.

This morning, as I walked to the office from the train, I looked up at the clock at the Lehman Brothers building. Sank in further how bad this economy is. I should by stock in Spanx.

Preying Mantis

September 9, 2008

So last night my fab editors got me a spot at the last minute to come along to the screening of "The Family That Preys." We were rolling as the middle-aged WASP who sat ahead of us had grabbed four of the complimentary bags of popcorn and about 6 of the twenty ounces. Just greedy I tell ya.

Tyler Perry went to the front and said a few words and I was feeling the power of that Black man. The movie comes on. Im loving Kathy Bates in a TP movie. The plot good, the lines superb, timing on track. Im hooked! I almost wanted my money back from Meet the Browns, and I didn't even pay. Family That Preys has me figuring out when I can go support this good film, not good Black film, and I haven't paid for a movie in a long long time.

The after party afterward was a good time. Sanaa's fine ass boyfriend was just a nice guy, and Ill have to tell you what he said about a certain scene later as not to spoil it. Sanaa was gracious. I was definitely feeling Taraji. Sweet and real about them banging purple shoes being a killer for the big toe. And I almost took her up on the offer to offer my skin color for that banging dress she killed

Met me a new buddy to kick it with in Atlanta.

Good times indeed.

At Papi's Request

September 3, 2008

Me and my BFF had a blast this weekend. Our favorite veggie burgers at the Diner in the Meatpacking District. Hanging with some accomplished women in their 30s in one of their delux apartments in the SKY (read penthouse in Harlem) Chatting with one of our best buds from high school showing how little we've changed . . .and another person I can begin to annoy with my obsessive talk of Michelle Obama. ADORE her! Watcher her speech at Whit's. Watched Obama's at Rakia's in Dunbar.

Was rolling the next day reading Slate's Twitter of Obama's speech. Still no internet so Im typying fast before I head home to catch the hip hop dance class at the gym. Yay!

My fav commentary of the week though was William Jelani Cobb's blog post on Michelle. Here's a snippet and check out the whole thing if you get a sec:

When brothers see Michelle we see that game-proof sister who you planned to step to once you got your credit straight. Or the one that you approached on the best moment of your best day, and have been self-congratulating ever since. Before he made his own inroads, a chunk of his appeal was based on the idea that any cat who was swift, smart and skilled enough to put a ring on that finger was at least worth listening to. Brothers love Barack too -- but with a twinge of hate because deep down you really suspect that you might be the first black presidential nominee if you'd met her first.

I never felt so humbled to have been called unapproachable:) And tying in Fannie Lou Hammer? Just genius . . .

Till next time (still hoping to get wireless soon . . .Come on already Time Warner!),
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