Me and the McCains

September 13, 2008
One of the perks of working at Time Inc is having access to all the titles. I scooped up the Obama family on People and put a cover up in my cube within minutes. That Sasha. What a Ham:). I had Reggie Love's profile asap when checking out the hot bachelors issue. And when the Obama's and Biden's made their debut inside, and Michelle referred to them as "her crew," I loved her even more. She is the homie!
So when we got the issue this week with the McCain's on the cover I zeroed in on the fact that one of these things is not like the other! Their Indian daughter has always intrigued me and I can't wait to read her story, which would be great if it were with us. So I was pissed to see her regulated to the floor, where you would put the family dog. J and Michelle I think enjoy how emotional I can get, and were quick to say, that it almost looked like me . . .

The next day in our morning staff meeting I went on a rant on as it sunk in how on newssatands you won't even see her the way magazines are stacked on each other and continued on my soap box again once, when I saw not only was she all down at the bottom on the cover, but inside the issue it was even worst how the whole family is sitting on the couch or standing behind and she is sitting on the floor. Not one of the brothers could say," hey sis, you don't have to sit on the floor. take my spot."

Had me speaking French. WutInDeeeHel. Later that night, I see Michelle and J chuckling and looking in my direction as we all work hard in prep of the new and improved site. J, saunters over to my cube and quickly pins this to the wall. We all BURST out laughing. I can't even lie, I blended perfectly. Photoshop is the devil


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    lmfao funny as hell

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    Most def a pick-me-uper. Watindeheldeytinkitizzzz!!!! Luvs it Reah! Do your thang!

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    This is toooo funny!Great hair-do on you BTW ;)