Point of Clarification

February 25, 2007
So as we celebrate the One Year Anniversary of this here blog, I have a major oversight to announce.

Turning 21, I thought naming my blog 'Queen-to-be' was appropriate as I felt myself on the verge of a being a real woman - a real queen-to-be. AND, I am still the champ of inserting random movie and song phrases in everyday conversations so if we go for real Chinese and I order egg drop I'm gonna tell ya "Taste the Soup."

But now a year in to this blog, I realize before naming my blog after the Coming to America anthem, I should have done a little more research.

Here are the lyrics:
"She's your Queeen-tooo-beee. A Queen-to-be forever. A Queen who'll do whatever his highness desires. She's your Queen-to-be. A vision of perfection. An object of affection, to quench your royal fire. Completely free from infection. To be used at your discretion. Waiting only for your direction. Your Queeen-tooo-beeee."

Though I am disease-free, I'm not that girl! I have a name for a blog I want to do one day and with Prince Hakeem's warped idea of a queen it may be sooner than later.

NAAHHHH (as Lisa McDowell says when Prince Hakeem offers to give up all his riches after they are married).

I like this blog and it's title. And ok, I'll admit it, I enjoy signing this blog 'queen.' Because ladies, that's what we really are!

But just to clarify for anyone who thought I was Queen waiting to be used at someone's discretion, sorry. I'm not that girl. I just see my potential . So I am a Queen-to-be. -CJ

The Wedding-Funeral Rule

February 20, 2007
If you weren't around for what should be the happiest day of someone's live, than don't be coming around once they are gone. This Anna Nicole thing is out of control but it really is a fascinating story.
But her mom knows she is wrong. Just a week before she died, you could see how upset anna got just talking about her mom. But now that she's gone her mom pops up. She wasn't invited to her wedding. so what makes her think she'd want her to have her child.
Then you have all these men who never joined the first guy in saying it was his child. But now that anna isnt here to defend anything they say, they want to come saying its there baby.

It's why Volleta Wallace doesn't like Lil Kim - she waited till Biggie was dead to say he beat her and made her get an abortion,when he wasnt alive to address it, even if in all likelihood its true.

Then you have Diane Sawyer saying "baby's daddy." If it were Princess Diana they would not be saying that. But just like with black people, to designate lower class, they say a colloquially inferior phrase. WTF?

So yeah . . .they really are milking this thing. Let me be the judge and we'd be done in an hour. A DNA test to the baby and apply the Wedding-Funeral Rule. You not at my wedding . . .then don't come around when it's funeral time. CJ

Working my Way to a Man's Heart

February 19, 2007
If it's true what they say that the way to a man's heart is his stomach, well, I am a lot closer than I used to be!!! I have been cooking a whole lot this school year, more than I EVER have and I am enjoying it. Last week at Shoppers in the produce section I decided I was going to get some collard greens, something I havent cooked since high school when I did them for the Kwanzaa celebration at my church (BTW. . .did you see it Daddy's Little Girl? I was so psyched! That was my church all up and through there). So I started them Saturday to have for yesterday. They were great and I even added my own little spin!

So this morning I get up and see all these spices on the counter (yes, i actually took a picture). I'm thinking my roommate must have really cooked up something for her and her boo if she had all those spices. Im still feeling the pat on my back for those greens so Im nosey and look in the fridge to see what she has cooked up. nothing. then I see a pot in the sink. nothing. Im walking away and notice something orange out the corner of my eye in the trash can. A Ramen Noodle wrapper. She had cooked noodles. whew, I still have a chance.


All the Windows in the House

February 18, 2007

Not to be a complete sap, but that's what I really feel like. Its one thing to be blessed. Its another to be really blessed - and know it. I feel like that after a GREAT weekend. Like a door was closed, but instead of one window opening ALL the ones in the house are open.

No,nothing spectacular happened and I cant pay you any money right now if I owe ya cuz I didnt hit the lotto. Im actually $10 short after having to catch a cab in SoHo because the F train decided it didnt want to run in the middle of a Saturday. Im just really feeling myself get close again to God and my faith because I was doing some serious back sliding (and Davinci Code didnt help!:). I finally found a church that does it for me in DC yesterday (thanks Amanda) and even joined...and you know going to NY always makes a sister feel "real good" (once again in the Like Dat voice) I dont know why but that keeps popping up.

So in the city Friday you know I had to go by Auntie Essence's. You know it was GREAT. I definitely miss working there and really felt the love. I also got the JHud issue and it really is HOT! Thandie Newton's in there too:) And you guys know ALL six of the couples in the "will you marry me?" package got the South African trip. A good moment for them and a great one for the magazine as 16 million people voted online!
But probably the best thing I left there with was a calm I needed. No, I dont have a job. but I have something so much better. The peace of mind that what's mine, well is still mine. So Im not gonna overstress this job search.

My bosses/summer family Cori and Naz werent there . . .they were sort of busy in Vegas doing the NBA All Star blog . Gosh, the life, right:)? But they really work so hard. Its not a game running from the Grammys to Vegas, the Oscars coming up and still working on the next issue. I'd be glad to help ease their load:)

I think I might have come off as stalker intern just a little after telling the truth why I was there - to see their Black Style Now exhibit before it closed today.

It was great and me and miss Lynecia went (oops am I allowed to put your name out here .. . I meant fly girl Elle) went. Technology is so cool. We meet through blogging and its like we've been friends forever.
my favorite dress in the collection!!!!------->
I love my dresses and would fly to Miami right now in this bad boy. . . BTW. what cha doing for spring break?
<----doesn't the chic on top look just like Rhianna?
House of Dereon . . .Cant u tell?
And u know I found the Magazines!
Black Style Now was fun. Im doing a post later about my girl Madame C.J. Walker. . . parents born slaves and you become a self-made millionaire. Dream big people!
*I usually keep this to myself but real life is SO MUCH STRANGER and INTERESTING than fiction. After my beautiful pep talk with the gorgeous Zulaika to make me relax and know what's mine is mine, the Black Style Now Exhibit and joining my new spirit-filled church, I am walking out the room where they have us handing out brochures and letting us know how to join the church, I try and go back in the sanctuary to find my friend. I look up on the wall and see the pastor and his wife on a plaque ...from Essence. They were featured in the Essence book "making it happen." I'm just like 'wow' and the usher then let me knows I cant go in that way. I know I already had gotten what I came down that hallway for - to see God stay anonymous with that coincidence. Cool right?
*Oh yeah. It's also BOTH my parents birthdays. Happy Birthday my oldie but goodie mom and pop!

Vixens Come Home!!!!

February 13, 2007
Click it ladies!
The Vibe Vixen site is here and it is fab!

Shamless plug but if you want to meet the lady in charge, Vibe and Vibe Vixen's EIC Danyel, be sure to be at our 4th Annual Cover to Cover Conference March 3rd at Howard!

It's Official.

Jennifer Hudson looks FABULOUS on the cover of Essence, doesn't she? I mean look at those colors and her skin and that necklace. It all just flows together and POPS! I can't wait to read it!

If that weren't enough to make her March grand and busy from dusting her Oscar and recording her album . . . .It's official, Jennifer Hudson is on the cover of Vogue!!!!! Sounds great doesn't it?

Are you calm?
Now look at these damn pictures. As my mentor Mitzi said "A Hot Ass

I refuse to believe this is the best they could do. It's freaking Vogue! She has looked better in paparazzi pictures and dare I say, American Idol. Ok. so not that bad. but still. Anna what's up with this?
It's like they chose the worst pictures on purpose and said "Which picture makes her look like a horse the most?" Now through all this fussing you know I still will be picking it up asap. It just sucks that women who won't see how fly she is on GIANT or ESSENCE will think this is J.Hud on "their" magazine.

It is also official Barack is running for president!

Now I won a freaking Hearst Award for an editorial called "Barack Needs a Speed Bump" but I've had a change of heart and am feeling he should move full speed ahead. People saying America isn't ready, well they weren't ready to free the slaves either. Sometimes you have to make people realize they can handle something. My theory of him announcing on Oprah was wrong, but a good one since he did say she would be the first person he would tell.

But way more exciting than Barack running, is the fact that his wife Michelle Obama could be the first lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freaking love her. You can just look at her and tell she is has it together and is strong. I am just inspired by a woman who can stand by her man and still holds her own. She is educated and fly, and smart enough to hold on to a guy like Obama.

So if some knuckle head I'm supervising tries to holler, I will think of Michelle and Barack and maybe give him a chance.

Queen, officially speaking.

We Run it!!!

February 10, 2007
I'm not skinny. I don't pass the paper bag test.
I'm gorgeous. Not pretty for a dark skinned girl. Just pretty.

But just because I know these things doesn't mean the world we live in acknowledges that. That's why I am really feeling Usher right now, or more importantly his choice in lady friends.

Tameka Foster
Everything about Tameka from being 37, three kids and married when she was his stylist didn't stop the two from hooking up. She's thick and from what she wore to Usher's photo shoot for Atlanta Peach, uses her styling skills on herself. *This article is by far one of the best on Usher I've read and was written by the entertainment editor and my old boss Isoul.

Raven Symone
After seeing those two I was already feeling good about the thick girl on the come up and a little close to cheating on my Kanye Workout plan, and glad that my theory from last march of the brown skinned girl being "in" may still be holding. Then I saw this cover and bout feel out my seat from excitement. Raven raking in
$400 million is major. I mean I know EVERY little kid loves that show . . .including me and my homies too, hey shani! But I didn't know she was almost at the half billion mark. Being a double digit, not losing weight and having great self confidence living and working in Hollywood may be even bigger deal.

Jennifer Hudson
Then there's my FAVORITE, Miss Jennifer Hudson. Yes I'm still playing the Dreamgirls soundtrack like it's an overdue movie. And took it as a sign of good things to come for me when I saw my favorite star on one of my favorite magazines. Then Friday Mikey told me there were rumors of her being on the cover of Vogue. WHAT!!!! I would really be feeling real good (you have to say that in the Like Dat voice from Flavor of Love) if J Hud was on freakin Vogue. Anna Wintour makes no secret of the fact she doesn't care for those of us with more to love for her magazine. We shall see!

Not so running it . . .
Now as giddy as I was to pick up my Giant in Borders my high deflated when I looked across the aisle and thought I saw Denise Richards on the cover of the British GQ - then realized it was Beyonce. WTF? I mean, it's no secret they are always lightening her up in pictures. But this is extreme. She looks pasty white.

Then there's Rasputia. I saw Norbit last week at a screening with Mikey and thought it was hilarious. One of my other favs Thandie Newton was in it (she was also in the Jennifer issue of Giant looking Fab!)He told me how some black women were protesting because of Rasputia. I mean, she's is a lot of woman. But I thought Eddie did what he seems to do best. But way in the back of my head I do wonder if white people realize Rasputia doesn't represent every black woman they see . . .

So outside of the whitening Beyonce to the extreme and Eddie Murphy a la Rasputia, Jennifer, Raven and Tameka are showing that the spectrum of what constitutes a beautiful black woman is getting bigger! And I'm loving them for it.


Happy Birthday to Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admit it. Aquariuans are by far some of the coolest people on Earth. So, I have been celebrating so much for other people's birthday and now mine that my free time is crammed with school work (planning our magazine conference that is going to be PHENOMENAL) and daydreaming which leaves little room for blogging:( Sorry I'm so late. I LOVE February. Welcome to my month!!!!

*I do have to start this post dedicated to my former youth choir director and my Pastor's daughter Crystal Harris who passed away last week from cancer complications. Her passing really hit me hard, made me think of my own health and most importantly reinforced the notion to live your life to the fullest. Even though she died before her 40th birthday, she had a full live using her beautiful classically trained voice all over Europe and always being heavily involved and doing all she could.
So in memory of Crystal, dang. That is such a crazy phrase to type. In honor of Crystal's lively spirit I wish all us Aquarians and February babies to have a great one and live it up!!!!

I surely did and continue to do. I was not looking forward to turning 22 as it only reinforced childhood and being a teenager are officially over for me so I made a schedule of dinner, parties, a happy hour, brunch and other fun times to make the event memorable.

It was absolutely great and I'll have to give you all the juice later. Along with reinforcing how blessed I am to have family and friends who love me (my homie Amber flew in from Georgia and my cuz drove down from Baltimore to party with me last night) I also realized when a door closes a window definitely opens!

est. 1985 and still going strong!
* those lovely cupcakes were from my wonderful friends and picked by my bestest.