We Run it!!!

February 10, 2007
I'm not skinny. I don't pass the paper bag test.
I'm gorgeous. Not pretty for a dark skinned girl. Just pretty.

But just because I know these things doesn't mean the world we live in acknowledges that. That's why I am really feeling Usher right now, or more importantly his choice in lady friends.

Tameka Foster
Everything about Tameka from being 37, three kids and married when she was his stylist didn't stop the two from hooking up. She's thick and from what she wore to Usher's photo shoot for Atlanta Peach, uses her styling skills on herself. *This article is by far one of the best on Usher I've read and was written by the entertainment editor and my old boss Isoul.

Raven Symone
After seeing those two I was already feeling good about the thick girl on the come up and a little close to cheating on my Kanye Workout plan, and glad that my theory from last march of the brown skinned girl being "in" may still be holding. Then I saw this cover and bout feel out my seat from excitement. Raven raking in
$400 million is major. I mean I know EVERY little kid loves that show . . .including me and my homies too, hey shani! But I didn't know she was almost at the half billion mark. Being a double digit, not losing weight and having great self confidence living and working in Hollywood may be even bigger deal.

Jennifer Hudson
Then there's my FAVORITE, Miss Jennifer Hudson. Yes I'm still playing the Dreamgirls soundtrack like it's an overdue movie. And took it as a sign of good things to come for me when I saw my favorite star on one of my favorite magazines. Then Friday Mikey told me there were rumors of her being on the cover of Vogue. WHAT!!!! I would really be feeling real good (you have to say that in the Like Dat voice from Flavor of Love) if J Hud was on freakin Vogue. Anna Wintour makes no secret of the fact she doesn't care for those of us with more to love for her magazine. We shall see!

Not so running it . . .
Now as giddy as I was to pick up my Giant in Borders my high deflated when I looked across the aisle and thought I saw Denise Richards on the cover of the British GQ - then realized it was Beyonce. WTF? I mean, it's no secret they are always lightening her up in pictures. But this is extreme. She looks pasty white.

Then there's Rasputia. I saw Norbit last week at a screening with Mikey and thought it was hilarious. One of my other favs Thandie Newton was in it (she was also in the Jennifer issue of Giant looking Fab!)He told me how some black women were protesting because of Rasputia. I mean, she's is a lot of woman. But I thought Eddie did what he seems to do best. But way in the back of my head I do wonder if white people realize Rasputia doesn't represent every black woman they see . . .

So outside of the whitening Beyonce to the extreme and Eddie Murphy a la Rasputia, Jennifer, Raven and Tameka are showing that the spectrum of what constitutes a beautiful black woman is getting bigger! And I'm loving them for it.



  1. Hey gurl, I always thought you were pretty. Not "pretty for a chocolate girl" but pretty. :)

  1. shani-o said...:

    LOL... well, you are a "pretty black girl" as Maya always said, but I don't think tone had anything to do with it.

    And yes! Go Raven! She's so awesome... and not ghetto, which is very important to me.

    And, um, speaking of Denise Richards vs. Beyonce, did you hear the tape of Alec Baldwin calling Richards a nigger? I'm pretty sure he know something we don't.

    Not to defend the skin-lightening, if that's what they did, but it IS winter... we can get kinda pasty around this time of year... at least I do.

    Anyway, glad you updated!

  1. British Magazines are notorious for de-africanization of photos. I remember a year or so ago, Beyoncé appeared on the cover of the UK Maxim and they all but airbrushed her hips away.

    They're trying to appeal to their demographic I suppose. I think it's messed up, but they're trying to sell copies.

  1. §hereen said...:

    Im a random reader and I like what I read, cool, esp on J.Hud :)