It's Official.

February 13, 2007

Jennifer Hudson looks FABULOUS on the cover of Essence, doesn't she? I mean look at those colors and her skin and that necklace. It all just flows together and POPS! I can't wait to read it!

If that weren't enough to make her March grand and busy from dusting her Oscar and recording her album . . . .It's official, Jennifer Hudson is on the cover of Vogue!!!!! Sounds great doesn't it?

Are you calm?
Now look at these damn pictures. As my mentor Mitzi said "A Hot Ass

I refuse to believe this is the best they could do. It's freaking Vogue! She has looked better in paparazzi pictures and dare I say, American Idol. Ok. so not that bad. but still. Anna what's up with this?
It's like they chose the worst pictures on purpose and said "Which picture makes her look like a horse the most?" Now through all this fussing you know I still will be picking it up asap. It just sucks that women who won't see how fly she is on GIANT or ESSENCE will think this is J.Hud on "their" magazine.

It is also official Barack is running for president!

Now I won a freaking Hearst Award for an editorial called "Barack Needs a Speed Bump" but I've had a change of heart and am feeling he should move full speed ahead. People saying America isn't ready, well they weren't ready to free the slaves either. Sometimes you have to make people realize they can handle something. My theory of him announcing on Oprah was wrong, but a good one since he did say she would be the first person he would tell.

But way more exciting than Barack running, is the fact that his wife Michelle Obama could be the first lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freaking love her. You can just look at her and tell she is has it together and is strong. I am just inspired by a woman who can stand by her man and still holds her own. She is educated and fly, and smart enough to hold on to a guy like Obama.

So if some knuckle head I'm supervising tries to holler, I will think of Michelle and Barack and maybe give him a chance.

Queen, officially speaking.


  1. Elle* said...:

    Hey girlie, I was just about to update my Obama and JHud posts, lol. I just wrote a small article/summary about Barack Obama's presidential announcement for a newsletter at school, and wanted to add a quote I got from his Illinois speech on the blog. Like you, I had my B.S. blockers on when I first heard the rumblings that Mr. Obama could possibly be running for prez. I was certainly not going to jump on the bandwagon because he looked like me. But now, as I'm taking my time, learning about him and what he stands for, I really wouldn't mind seeing this man in a position to lead this country. As to JHud and those ugly ass pictures, lol, I feel they were going for a look that wasn't HER at all. C'mon,what is up with that broken-doll-esque pose on the piano? But I'll say this: Only 5 other Black Women have graced that cover in its history, and Anna Wintour supposedly only likes to work with waifs...so it's still a HUGE accomplishment. Yup. but the pics still suck.

    My bad about the novel!

  1. Girl, I was just about to tell you about the JHud cover. I don't think she looks that bad...I have to run out and pick it up. Is it out yet?? And where is my Essence? I tell ya, I think my mailman reads it and then delivers it when he's done. Why do my magazines always come with creases? lol....