Weekend Wrap Up

February 26, 2008

So . . .
The weekend was a good one. Friday was slumber party with my new insta-good-friend Jessica! We watched Brown Sugar, and popped in Living Single DVD. My birthday present to me was the first season's of  two of my all time fave shows: Living Single and Different World. (Is this where I insert I am a Kadijah James-Carrie Bradshaw swirl?:) And this is also where, if you know me, I fell asleep:)
The next morning I did my hair magic and our book club meeting was great! We read my all time fav author Pearl Cleage. And if you know the book club the conve
sation moved on to talks of Andre 3000's new song. Me and Jess and Z partied. And it aint a party if Howard aint deep. See Anwar chilling on the table. Yeah, we use to ride the bus 
together when I was in 4th grade and he went to Howard too.
Small world  . . .oh yeah. 
Me and Whit made it to church, and sat upstairs. Great message as always . .this one on how you want God to follow you where you want to go, when he is leading you, and you may not end up where you thought you would. I wonder that sometimes

The old hair debate

February 24, 2008

No it's not going anywhere soon.
Black women and the folicles that grow out of our heads is a topic that will always be loaded. This week I decided I wanted to switch it up from the pony tail/bun I'v been doing for a minute. And stepping up my Kanye work out plan and not having a perm left me two options other than pressing every day: afro or sew in. I chose the latter. I was suppose to get it done by a friend's round-the-way hairdresser, but she ended up having a family emergency that she just called to tell me happened and explain standing me up.
So Saturday, I decided, like the mother hen I can be, I will do it myself.
Jessica witnessed the whole thing and as the Te
acakes arrived Saturday I was on the last braid and finishing up the sewing. When I finished, we started talking. Shaena came right after we started, and the first thing she does is compliment me on my hair and says it looks "fresh" which had us all balling.
If only she knew how "fresh" it was. That's me and Shaena the night before  graduation with our presses needing a flat iron in hot behinfd Love. . .but the eyebrows are fierce.
Then today looking up the Glamocracy blog on Glamour Magazine's site, I stumbled upon the write up from the panel discussion they had following the whole Glamour/Black Women's Hair Debacle. Interesting read indeed, and not just because my boss represented on the panel.
Are we part of the problem?
Can we pretend it doesn't matter?

Mama, Im a star!!

February 22, 2008

So last week, I went to this screening of this movie Cover, which was a really good drama! Good eye opener!! Definitely worth checking out and its good to support a film not only starring Black actors, but financed by us as well. So after the screening, the next day I participated in this phoner interview with Vivica Fox and a few other media outlets. Well, today while searching my beloved Bossip (my fingers are crossed a certain love of my life gets a job there), what do I see but the responses to two questions I asked Ms. Fox.

When I clicked the link it went to an interview on OK! Magazine. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I guess I asked some good questions out the bunch since out of all the questions she was asked, my two were the ones that made it to the piece:)

CJ to Vivica: Now girl, at the end of this movie we see another woman about to go down the same road of being lied to and cheated on by a man on the down low. So what should women get out of this film on protecting themselves?

“I tell women to always be inquisitive and always follow your first mind,” the 43-year-old actress says. “If your woman instinct tells you ‘something ain’t right,’ girl, check it out. Sometimes we have a tendency to trust if you’ve been with him for a long time or he’s taking care of everything. Sometimes you’ve just gotta follow your instincts to make sure that everything is all right. Don’t ignore it because he’s taking care of the bills. I hope this film teaches everyone not to trust anybody and practice safe sex. Look out for you first, at all times. ”

CJ to Vivica: Also in this film we have someone in the entertainment industry who is on the down low. Is this something you have seen up close working in the industry?

“Oh, sure. I have a lot of friends in the fashion industry and the entertainment industry in general. The reason I like having my gay boyfriends is because they can tell you which ones be playing for both clubs. Mmhm. You appreciate that. He’ll be like ‘suspect, suspect!’ over there.”

Now read the OK! piece if you have a sec. . .

And I totally agree! Every girl has to have a gay bf.

Charanna would be proud to know Motives II was mentioned in the interview. And who knew "Two Can Play That Game" now has a sequel? Can't wait to check that out  . . .lol

Things that make me smile

Mom Jeans . . .for Men.

Reunited . . .

February 16, 2008
 . . . And it feels good;) So it seems my birthday has become a national holiday to my buddies. Last year Amber (who nicknamed herself Slickin high school and we all somehow got bamboozled into calling her that too . . .yes that's her in the stunna shades) came up from Atlanta to party with me and the crew. This year she flew to DC and she and my BFF Celeste rode the bus up to NY . . .at 3:30am. that's love:)
They are catching a hour of sleep before we head to Soho and beyond.
Yeah, I'm way excited. Don't have to be the
 overachiever who's mature and the knowledgeable and easy going Chareezy I put forth. Can be crazy Reah, who can barely drive, wasn't the best soccer goalie but had heart and lov
es to reminisce about the good times in high school. All we need is our resident doct
or Treca to complete to coolest foursome ever. So while they sleep I smile. 
And if you wanna laugh too just look at Celeste's face on her 21st birthday
. You get only one guess of what the present was . . .

Heavy Heavy

February 13, 2008
So, I was holding on as tight as I could to my spiritual high. And you know that's peak time for everybody to try ya. First riding the train this week I cant escape to another place on my 'Morning Sunshine' mix because I cant find my ipod. Then some rich guys grandaddy is acting like this is the first time he has ever rode the train. I get on 72nd street and he just moves in and doesnt try to hold on to a pole. I knew this is a disaster but dont know if its my place to say 'old man hold on!'
 Well, I should have because as soon as the train takes off he's bumping into everybody and comes to rest his weight mostly on me. The train stops. He gets off my feet and carries his weight. You think this old guy would learn to hold on? Nope. For the next two stops he stumbles in a circle not keeping his balance and still doesnt hold on. When I get off at 50th st he has a sheen of sweat on his brow from the unexpected morning tap dance.
And Im not heartless and felt sorry for him. I know what it feels like to be a victim of ageism. But this week a guy at work I swear was on his period. I mean, I'm accustomed to the age jokes and I know I make an easy target being the new kid on the block (yeah, I know about that group! Ha). 
Singing my name to the tune of Santana's "Maria" then asking, 'oh wait, do you even know that song C?' is just a day in the life. 
But when it turned to disrespecting the hard work Im putting in or my flyness, well that's where my niceness ends. And the irony is I probably know more music, culture and history from the past than the jokesters combined.
Ok, vent over. But the lesson in this for all of us to follow your dreams - so you dont end up in a job or industry you dont wanna be in and take that out on people who are. . . and do hold your weight on the train.

So . . .It's not all about me

February 12, 2008
Hands up now wave. . .

So yeah, basking in all the birthday love I was excited to go to church on Sunday. Grabbed a new Laundry dress I love and got for a steal and accomplishes that sexy yet classy look and met Nicole at First Corinthian on 116th. Since I was home for MLK weekend and my mom was watching the news and saw Rev. Butts endorse Hillary on a Sunday in the pulpit I haven't been back to Abyssinian.

It's not his support of Hillary that bothers me, I mean many of Black NY goes way back with the Clinton camp so it was only a matter of time before they called and asked for the return of the back scratch. But on a Sunday morning after maybe a crazy weekend and going into a hectic week I want a word from God - not a Senator.

So that's why I had started going back to First Corinthian. My buddy and former co-worker Jeanine first invited me there this summer and the first part that attracted me was the choir. They jam!!! and jump, and shout, and get you out of your seat.
So after last week's message on 'The Joy in Waiting' and how God sometimes waits to give us those things he has promised until we are ready to receive them (yes, he was ALL over my toes), I was all set for something that would get me through the week.

And boy did I get it.

But not in the way I expected.

Pastor Mike (yeah, that's what everyone calls him, isn't that pretty cool. . .no pretension, just what I need) went on to break down the difference between praise and worship: sacrifice.

I realized I had no problem thanking God for my many blessings like having cool people like BB and Jameil and Mikel and Belle and my Teacakes in my life, and getting these fly mary jane peep toe tan patent leather Betsey Johnson shoes for a steal (you know she likes to do a lot;), but what had I ever really given up? What was I willing to sacrifice?

And I realized, or better yet was reminded since I have known for a while this is a problem I need to work on, I have to sacrifice myself, take all the emphasis off of me. Self-love is cool. Being stuck on your self, well not so much. And Im not necesarily conceited, more like consumed with me-thoughts all the time(I mean, just look what I named this blog, which just turned 2 years old by the way).
But there is a great big world out there that is way more interesting than me.

So yeah, with these type of thoughts I decided to join the church. Decided to step up my faith and learn more about worship.
Yes I will still be reading my horoscope in AM-NY every morning . ..because well, I dont like to put God in a box. And if life can place me and a a girl I've known since 5th grade and had a falling out with in high school in the pew in front of me on Sunday morning, than Im definitely open to patterns in when we entered this world telling a lot about how our time here will be.

And for someone who was raised going to church and with a church family its something you didnt realize you missed so much until you get a glimpse.

And yeah, it doesnt hurt the congregation is young and energetic. So I feel good. Real good. And content that what makes me feel good cant ever be taken away.

So, Im just finishing taking these splinters out my back I picked up from backsliding. But God does have a sense of humor and laughed just as hard as we did at Diddy explaining the epidemic in our community that is b*tch-ass-ness.

Ill be praying for them all.

Birthday Love

February 9, 2008
So I turned 23 yesterday. 
And though by most standards this number is non-eventful birthday. For me it was a rather crucial turning point.
This marks my first year with a full time job, first year living on my own in New York, my first time not overly planning my next step and just living truly in the moment . ..ok, maybe not the last one but Im trying. I even intentionally wore the same dress I wore to bring in the new year because I felt like my bday was the start of a new year in my life.
And it seems the world took notice of this important time with all the birthday calls, texts, cards, emails, facebook and morse code messages.
Mikel even hit me with this text: 
"Charreah it's your birthday, happy birthday Charreah - in the big guy from the Simpson's who thought he was Michael Jackson voice." 
LOL. I absolutely adore that episode and am thankful to have found like minded folks in my life. Like my girls pictured here who help me celebrate my bday night dinner. Thanks Whit for the cupcakes (she's making moves at Translation, Steve Stoute's company and is uber excited Jay-Z is growing the business, and Jessica for snapping pictures. 
After dinner half the crew had to depart for big girl plans the next day - hair cuts, work and continuing to take over the world.
The rest of us hit Strata. I didnt ask around about parties like I was suppose to and went with the midnight spot emails. The music was good and first half hour had me reminiscing of my Golden Glide skating days. My homie Gary let me know he and some of his buddies were at this place Barna not far away.
Since it was my birthday every time I asked the crew if they wanted to do something I was told it was my day, so decide. Loved it! So we head over to Barna and the good times continue. The music is good (like most mixed crowd parties are). The bouncer is loving some Jessica so finds us and buys a round of drinks. The long islands from Strata are kicking in, so the next drink knocks Arion out on the couch and has the adverse affect on me as I dance off the red velvet cupcakes.
In working on my side hustle, when Jessica says a guy there is cute. When his friend starts dancing with me, I see it as a window to get my girl a date, and yeah, let me not forget to mention the friend Im dancing with is tall, gorgeous and smells so damn good. And I tell him so. Well, that he smells good, not the fact we all agree he is fine.
Let me say this is the second year in a row my mojo has been extra strong on my bday. He asks for my number. I give it, you know, because Im a good friend and we gotta get Jessica with the friend Justin who has disappeared, right:)?
I head to the bathroom and down the hall the security guards enjoy seeing a Black girl since we weren't that deep. Bouncer who bought us drinks walks up and talks to the cute teddy bear one. Teddy bear wishes me a happy birthday, which bouncer must have told him it was and we start talking. I tell him he looks young to me and ask how old he is. He says 22. I laugh and let him know Im 23 . ..now.
I hit the party and we dance some more and are about to head out when Gary and Darren and Laurent say they are heading to the diner and we should come to. On the steps waiting for them, the friend Jessica was checking out comes up. I stop him and introduce myself and Jessica. he seems cool and checks Jessica out. Outside once the guys are finally ready to go, I see tall cutie one more time. We chat a little and he gives me a sweet kiss on the cheek. We head to the diner and continue to have a great time. Next weekend my BFF and our good friend are coming to town so its going down. I'm loving 23 already.

Life is like a musical

February 6, 2008

So Monday night I was able to cover this event and panel discussing my beloved Lorraine Hansberry and "Raisin in the Sun"

I don't know if I could ever describe how much I adore her. It's deeper than that. Sometimes I feel she is a part of me, like I am a long lost grandchild of hers. See, this is why I often keep my thoughts to myself . . .lol

I call Mikey the Baldwin to my Lorraine all the time. And when I describe him as my gay best friend, I envision our relationship like their.

Anywho, so I also love LOVE Kenny Leon. The guy is an amazing talent and so freaking intelligent.

So I got to meet Kenny, the director and the cast Audra, Ms. Phylicia Rashad who you know I had to slide in I went to HU and she was just amazing and graceful, and just genuinely nice, not camera nice. After I interviewed her Diddy has made his way to the press area and she is so regal in saying "There goes Sean" We start chatting again and I mention Cat on a Hot Tin Roof that she is in and how she has an amazing way of staying on top and we laugh and I say, well, rub off on me - and she does. Right there she rubs up and down my arms, and probably not knowing how bad I needed a hug from my own mom feeling a little beat up by the world, I took a deep breath and enjoyed the hell out of the moment.

I chatted with Kenny Leon and then all the print people are told to huddle together and we get one question each for Diddy.

This moment wouldn't have been so unbelievably funny, had I not three weeks before sat in the bad boy offices interviewing to be Mr. Comb's (yeah, that's what the staff calls him) personal assistant. Not umbrella holder but restocker of deodorant.

Needless to say I didn't get the job (nor, if I am honest with myself and ego did I really want it) as each of the HR directors I met with tried to understand why I was there.

Special thanks to Mamarazzi, my cool homie Nicole Crowder for being our photographer for the night and for snapping a few pics of me asking my question. She's amazing and just good people . . .

Yeah, as my love 3000 says life really is indeed a musical. . . .And I'm just getting in tune

and p.s if you want to get me tickets to see Chaka Khan in Color Purple before it closes I promise I wont be mad;)

Superstar Super Bowl

February 4, 2008

If I told you what I did on my first Super Bowl Sunday in New York, you would probably think I am wacker than you already do.

And I wouldn't change anything  . . .well maybe I would have let Prince Hakeem walk me all the way home. He's the cutie I met at the gym Super Bowl night.

Yeah, Super Bowl Sunday. First part of the game I helped my mentor and one my big inspirations in life and magazines with blogger stuff. Mitzi Moments is my new ish . . .and not just because I love alliteration.
Next I hit the gym for a speedy workout forty five minutes before it closed. About to hit the locker room after I really stepped it up on the weights, I see this arm machine I like . . .and this cutie using the machine next to it.
I think its a good move to do a rep of ten.
I'm right.
Somehow the machine is locked. Prince offers to help and turns out to have a very sexy British mix accent. I do my rep. We chat. He asks me to wait for him after coming out the locker room.
When we get to the corner he is ready to walk me all the way to my place with my cart of clothes. He mentioned earlier he is in school so I ask if he has class tomorrow, which he does.  So I say let's exchange numbers and he has this perplexed look as he says he doesnt like giving out his number.
All I could do was laugh.
In a weird way it was extra refreshing because most guys want your number and to give you theirs before they even know your name.
After sending Prince on his way I head to the laundry mat to wash some clothes which is long over due. While they are drying I hit pathmark and buy tons of grapes on sale and stock up on lean cuisines.
The Giants win.
My comforter is dry.
Heading home I run into a Howard School of C buddy with a group of Howard folk coming from Floyd's Super Bowl party, who I had seen earlier at church. She lives around the block. I know I looked like the old lady who lived in a shoe with groceries and laundry on Super Bowl Sunday, but I was happy as hell, knowing I was going into a very busy week (and yeah, my first one as a full time employee:) with groceries and fresh undies.
Super Bowl Sunday was great.
Or three times dope as my lil bro Keesean would say.

Don't be that guy

February 2, 2008
Yeah it's pretty vulgar term but somehow extremely accurate: Cockblocker

It seems lately this guy is everywhere you go. You are having a good time then out of no where he attacks. And since you aren't prepared, your reaction is delayed so the damage is done.

First up, we will just call him little man. Typical Napolean. Shorter than most, great sense of humor and style. Sometimes gives off hints he's insecure. My roomie use to date him. We are at a bar close by where they are both regulars. It's a Friday night and my mojo is on, or maybe it wasn't that many cute women there, but my ego would rather believe it was me:)

Anywho, after chatting with a few familiar faces in the packed place and sitting on the patio a while, we are ready to go. As we head out of the crowded spot and I feel these guys checking me out, I am the last one walking out to round out our crew.

He grabs my arm.

"Y'all leaving?" he says.

"Yeah." I reply ready to go.

"Well, you gonna be up when I come?" he comes back.

I turn and walk out. Peturbed. Not like I wanted to holla at any of the guys at St. Nick's pub that night but I would rather not have them all thinking this fool had gotten with me.

And he was the 2nd cock blocker already on the brain. I was already hoping a certain guy would call, and hoping he wasn't feeling blocked. At a friend of a friend's party one of my guy friends shared how his new side hustles was massages- and went on to try and give me a sample of the services.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I run into the party host and a friend of his I think is cool. Me and the host are talking and the fact our paths keep crossing reminds me six degrees is really two, as we had just seen each other at another party the week before. Somehow he lets me know this friend I think is cute was at the party he hosted, and I'm hoping my cockblocking buddy didn't dig me a hole with the psedo-massage.