Birthday Love

February 9, 2008
So I turned 23 yesterday. 
And though by most standards this number is non-eventful birthday. For me it was a rather crucial turning point.
This marks my first year with a full time job, first year living on my own in New York, my first time not overly planning my next step and just living truly in the moment . ..ok, maybe not the last one but Im trying. I even intentionally wore the same dress I wore to bring in the new year because I felt like my bday was the start of a new year in my life.
And it seems the world took notice of this important time with all the birthday calls, texts, cards, emails, facebook and morse code messages.
Mikel even hit me with this text: 
"Charreah it's your birthday, happy birthday Charreah - in the big guy from the Simpson's who thought he was Michael Jackson voice." 
LOL. I absolutely adore that episode and am thankful to have found like minded folks in my life. Like my girls pictured here who help me celebrate my bday night dinner. Thanks Whit for the cupcakes (she's making moves at Translation, Steve Stoute's company and is uber excited Jay-Z is growing the business, and Jessica for snapping pictures. 
After dinner half the crew had to depart for big girl plans the next day - hair cuts, work and continuing to take over the world.
The rest of us hit Strata. I didnt ask around about parties like I was suppose to and went with the midnight spot emails. The music was good and first half hour had me reminiscing of my Golden Glide skating days. My homie Gary let me know he and some of his buddies were at this place Barna not far away.
Since it was my birthday every time I asked the crew if they wanted to do something I was told it was my day, so decide. Loved it! So we head over to Barna and the good times continue. The music is good (like most mixed crowd parties are). The bouncer is loving some Jessica so finds us and buys a round of drinks. The long islands from Strata are kicking in, so the next drink knocks Arion out on the couch and has the adverse affect on me as I dance off the red velvet cupcakes.
In working on my side hustle, when Jessica says a guy there is cute. When his friend starts dancing with me, I see it as a window to get my girl a date, and yeah, let me not forget to mention the friend Im dancing with is tall, gorgeous and smells so damn good. And I tell him so. Well, that he smells good, not the fact we all agree he is fine.
Let me say this is the second year in a row my mojo has been extra strong on my bday. He asks for my number. I give it, you know, because Im a good friend and we gotta get Jessica with the friend Justin who has disappeared, right:)?
I head to the bathroom and down the hall the security guards enjoy seeing a Black girl since we weren't that deep. Bouncer who bought us drinks walks up and talks to the cute teddy bear one. Teddy bear wishes me a happy birthday, which bouncer must have told him it was and we start talking. I tell him he looks young to me and ask how old he is. He says 22. I laugh and let him know Im 23 . ..now.
I hit the party and we dance some more and are about to head out when Gary and Darren and Laurent say they are heading to the diner and we should come to. On the steps waiting for them, the friend Jessica was checking out comes up. I stop him and introduce myself and Jessica. he seems cool and checks Jessica out. Outside once the guys are finally ready to go, I see tall cutie one more time. We chat a little and he gives me a sweet kiss on the cheek. We head to the diner and continue to have a great time. Next weekend my BFF and our good friend are coming to town so its going down. I'm loving 23 already.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    how fun!! love the continual party and the sweet kiss on the cheek! yay!

  1. Bsquared said...:

    HAPPY, HAPPY born day chica! God bless.

  1. Happy birfday. I'm so mad that I am just now finding your blog. I love Bison Roundup.

  1. Sass said...:

    Sooo sad I missed it! : ( but sooo glad you had a great time! let the fun continue this weekend!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    OMG! you didn't tell me it was your bday!!! happy belated. Just found your blog. Luvs It!


  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    Yay for fun time! Happy belated girl!

  1. CJ said...:

    thanks guys!!

    And yes, bisonroudup rocks:)