Life is like a musical

February 6, 2008

So Monday night I was able to cover this event and panel discussing my beloved Lorraine Hansberry and "Raisin in the Sun"

I don't know if I could ever describe how much I adore her. It's deeper than that. Sometimes I feel she is a part of me, like I am a long lost grandchild of hers. See, this is why I often keep my thoughts to myself . . .lol

I call Mikey the Baldwin to my Lorraine all the time. And when I describe him as my gay best friend, I envision our relationship like their.

Anywho, so I also love LOVE Kenny Leon. The guy is an amazing talent and so freaking intelligent.

So I got to meet Kenny, the director and the cast Audra, Ms. Phylicia Rashad who you know I had to slide in I went to HU and she was just amazing and graceful, and just genuinely nice, not camera nice. After I interviewed her Diddy has made his way to the press area and she is so regal in saying "There goes Sean" We start chatting again and I mention Cat on a Hot Tin Roof that she is in and how she has an amazing way of staying on top and we laugh and I say, well, rub off on me - and she does. Right there she rubs up and down my arms, and probably not knowing how bad I needed a hug from my own mom feeling a little beat up by the world, I took a deep breath and enjoyed the hell out of the moment.

I chatted with Kenny Leon and then all the print people are told to huddle together and we get one question each for Diddy.

This moment wouldn't have been so unbelievably funny, had I not three weeks before sat in the bad boy offices interviewing to be Mr. Comb's (yeah, that's what the staff calls him) personal assistant. Not umbrella holder but restocker of deodorant.

Needless to say I didn't get the job (nor, if I am honest with myself and ego did I really want it) as each of the HR directors I met with tried to understand why I was there.

Special thanks to Mamarazzi, my cool homie Nicole Crowder for being our photographer for the night and for snapping a few pics of me asking my question. She's amazing and just good people . . .

Yeah, as my love 3000 says life really is indeed a musical. . . .And I'm just getting in tune

and p.s if you want to get me tickets to see Chaka Khan in Color Purple before it closes I promise I wont be mad;)


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    CP is closing!? :( boo. hoo! love the pic of you w/diddy!! how fab!! there's no way you could be his asst. come. on. the phylicia rashad moment?? FANTASTIC!! sigh. i love her.

  1. shani-o said...:

    Aww, Soror Phylicia!