Don't be that guy

February 2, 2008
Yeah it's pretty vulgar term but somehow extremely accurate: Cockblocker

It seems lately this guy is everywhere you go. You are having a good time then out of no where he attacks. And since you aren't prepared, your reaction is delayed so the damage is done.

First up, we will just call him little man. Typical Napolean. Shorter than most, great sense of humor and style. Sometimes gives off hints he's insecure. My roomie use to date him. We are at a bar close by where they are both regulars. It's a Friday night and my mojo is on, or maybe it wasn't that many cute women there, but my ego would rather believe it was me:)

Anywho, after chatting with a few familiar faces in the packed place and sitting on the patio a while, we are ready to go. As we head out of the crowded spot and I feel these guys checking me out, I am the last one walking out to round out our crew.

He grabs my arm.

"Y'all leaving?" he says.

"Yeah." I reply ready to go.

"Well, you gonna be up when I come?" he comes back.

I turn and walk out. Peturbed. Not like I wanted to holla at any of the guys at St. Nick's pub that night but I would rather not have them all thinking this fool had gotten with me.

And he was the 2nd cock blocker already on the brain. I was already hoping a certain guy would call, and hoping he wasn't feeling blocked. At a friend of a friend's party one of my guy friends shared how his new side hustles was massages- and went on to try and give me a sample of the services.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I run into the party host and a friend of his I think is cool. Me and the host are talking and the fact our paths keep crossing reminds me six degrees is really two, as we had just seen each other at another party the week before. Somehow he lets me know this friend I think is cute was at the party he hosted, and I'm hoping my cockblocking buddy didn't dig me a hole with the psedo-massage.



  1. shani-o said...:

    Hey! I heard you had a date...?

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    He grabs my arm? skkkkkkkkkkrrrrrr! stop the music! no.