March 31, 2010

Yes, Im a old lady. And lured the boyfriend to come with. It was an amazing night.

Essence Magazine’s Mikki Taylor: Lessons on Love

March 17, 2010

A day brown girls around the world hoped wouldn’t come: beauty industry legend and Essence Magazine editor Mikki Taylor is retiring from the magazine after 30 years!
But I can’t be mad at all as she leaves as the height of her three-decade career after inspiring millions of lives and is off to grow Mikki Taylor Enterprises and continue to change the world.
And you know what else she is off to do? Spend more time with her life partner, her husband.
When I interned at Essence, me and the rest of the interns were of course awed by the fact that she really was as beautiful in person. She glowed. After staying a part of the staff and working from intern to editor I had time to take some serious notes.

NYC Event: Shaun Neblett Play Event on March 23

March 16, 2010
Along with being an amazing publicist and hustler, Thysha Shabazz is the girlfriend of Shaun Neblett, a teacher and gifted writer.

He is having a staged reading of his play Homage 3: Illmatic in Brooklyn next week at no charge! If you can make it, you will be happy you did. My boyfriend and I went to a reading in November and it was a great experience. The writing is so strong. This reading is a special pre-conference event for The Tenth National Black Writers' Conference in Brooklyn. Here are the details . . .


He Loves Me.

March 11, 2010
From Love Jones Lane
“How does your boyfriend feel about you writing about your relationship in the open?,” my friend asked.
She’s considering blogging about her relationship for a magazine she works for, but not sure her boyfriend would be cool with it.
I became completely aware of what I had in that moment.

I told her not only does my boyfriend support the site, but was the first person to email in a essay (full disclosure: he’s a writer).

I had been holding on to his post, but some things are meant to share. Here’s his story of finding love. . .
It was the summer of 2006 and hot as hell when I was invited to a Fourth of July rooftop BBQ in Brooklyn. DJ CEO was on the 1’s and 2’s and the drinks were flowing.
I was introduced to a beautiful young lady who was also a HU Alum @ the party. We shared a few laughs and took a few pics. I was interested but my status was a little “complicated” at the time so I didn’t make a move. We kept in contact via Myspace (eeewwww!) and went about our lives.
As chance would have it, last spring she ran into a good friend of mine that works on Broadway and they exchanged info. A week or so later he needed mystery shoppers to check out one of his theater employees and offered me show tickets.
There was one catch: I needed a date and it was the day of the show.