Goodbye, 2006. I'll Love You Forever!!!!!!

December 31, 2006

This is so weird. But all week I have been dreading the coming of the new year. I know, I know. . . but like I just said and I am sure is obvious by now, Im weird.

But 2006 was so good to me I really don't want to see it end so soon. But even though it seems my life has been really good, I am open to it getting even better so reluctantly, I say good bye to '06.

On Thursday, before seeing Pursuit of Happyness I had lunch with my old boss Isoul, who is the entertainment editor of Atlanta Peach Magazine, which is so so sexy (the Ocean Drive Magazine that is . . and his job too!) Talking to him about how my summer was just got me nostalgic again for my best year ever. But as good as it was (im talking barefoot in Susan Taylor's kitchen sipping ginger tea, laughing to your stomach really starts contracting with friends you will love forever, being so loved by family you finally begin to understand and being blessed to shop like someone else is really paying the bill ) there are still so many things I have to look forward to in the New Year, including a ski trip on MLK weekend (and yes I still will be celebrating on Monday. Its a day ON people!) dropping these extra pounds I have put on this year I guess from the good life and enjoying this 21+ status and trips outside the states as my sites set on Jamaica for spring break and South Africa after graduation.

I guess for me, I remember me and one of my best buds couldnt wait to get rid of 2004 as we had buried her mom that October and I couldnt wait to get out of 2005 because it was the toughest year of my life and Im just thankful I mad it out of there and my health is stellar (too good, in fact with those extra pounds I mentioned). So I held on tight when 2006 came and it was all I had hoped for (minus that prince Im still waiting on:)
But the time has come to say good bye to my beloved 2006 .. . you'll always hold a special place in my heart.


*yes this post was Cheezy. But it really was a good year. *tear, tear* I promise I'll leave the cheeziness in '06 . . .or atleast try:)

Dreamgirls. Im gonna love you? ok ok.

December 29, 2006

This Is EFFIE . . .

Now I have been waiting to see Dreamgirls since June. So why am I just now seeing it today?
Well, when you get too excited for something too early, you do yourself a disservice.I was so excited and had read so much about the movie, that by the time it made its way to theaters, I felt like I had already seen it. But I hadn't. I hadn't seen costume changing I could watch over and over again for days. I hadnt listen to the songs of a soundtrack I will WEAR OUT. I hadn't seen miss knowles take a shot at giving Dina her 'Actor's perspective.' I hadnt scene a movie with what Im sure had a hair budget that equaled its clothing and casting one. But I have never watched a movie and split up its cast as I did this one. Check my girl elle's blog for her sexy review. (dontchaloveit.blogspot.com)

This is Curtis Taylor Jr and his wife . . .Beyonce'

Beyonce was absolutely gorgeous in the movie. I loved watching her wardrobe post-marrying Curtis. But the whole movie I felt like I watched Beyonce and never met Dina (Deena?). It's not her fault. I mean, she is such a big star with an even bigger accent and I felt like I do when I watch her in a music video. Same way with Eddie Murphy. I loved him . .. but I only saw him, not Jimmy.

Dont get me wrong. I enjoyed myself at the movie but it's like the original Deena, Miss Sheryl Lee Ralph said, Deena was a certain type of woman and Beyonce just didnt take it there. The fact that she was lighter we all would like to think wouldnt matter today but in the days of the Dreamgirls/Supremes color DID matter and I just think someone else may have done Deena more justice . . . though Im sure Beyonce is a key for box office gold.

*I really need to see the original play so anybody who has it Ill provide popcorn and drinks if you let me watch!

The music in the movie was phenomenal. Now contrary to my opinions on her acting, I really am a Beyonce fan. This is one of her best scenes when she shows some real anger and obviously this is where we all clap around the world for 'And I am telling you'
So though Effie (see she was SOOO good I cant even call her Jennifer Hudson in this post) was obviously the singer with the most soul and emotion, What Curtis said about Beyonce having no personality isnt true and the contradiction of Effie being the better singer wasnt as pronounced

I had never heard of Anika Noni Rose before googling her this summer when I found out she was the third dreamgirl. She was definietly a breakout performer and a refreshing surprise.
Now, like I said I had the top I have been waiting on Dreamgirls since the summer. I was blessed to attend an event for the press where Jennifer and Keith Robinson who plays her brother CeCe in the movie where there. They were both really sweet and he was a cutie and tore it up when they both sang live for us. They both were phenomenal and is even getting his fare share of press! When I met him I thought he was familiar . . .I guess I remembered him from Fat Albert:)?
But as far as acting . . . Jamie and Jennifer were surely the bestest. Jamie is really a bonified real deal. It is a true talent to be such a signature person and yet to completely become that character. So yeah . . .Im glad I can move on from my Dreamgirls loveaffair! And if any guy ever makes me feel like Curtis did Effie here, I been practicing, And Your Gonna Love MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yessss! Your Gonna Loveeee uvvvvvee Uvvee Meee heeeee!

*yes, Ill probably be seeing it at least one more time in the theater and getting the DVD when it comes. They should even do a part two. Just like Pursuit of Happyness, I would love to be an extra and be in those time period dresses. Does Curtis try and and turn his daughter into the new generation Dreams? Is CeCe really hooked up with Effie's replacement?

Merry Christmas and Pursue that Happyness!

December 28, 2006

Merry Belated Christmas! Mine was simple and sweet. Learned more about myself and my family - like how my mom never took a shower till college and how my brother is as selfish as ever- but I digress.

One thing I have always liked about the Christmas holiday is that my mom is a teacher and always spent it with us. So today me, her and my cousin Tia who just moved her and Im sure would be a lot like my big sister if I had one (she acts just like my crazy mama and has no qualms telling me something i am really not trying to hear like how I need a new bra and shes taking me shopping tomorrow. I mean, who wants to hear that . ..even if it is true?) So the movie was really phenomenal as I am sure you have already heard or seen for yourself. Definitely a tear jerker. Ironically we had just watched Hitch the day before reinforcing Will's acting abilities, though his son Jaden may be creeping up on him. A good surprise though was Thandie Newton as the mom. I love her (she was soo good in Crash!) and I could really feel her own turmoil from their stressful situation . . .though I could never leave my baby.
An even bigger Surprise was for my big mouth momma!
Now loving me in the little sister role my mom and cuz sent me to get our refillable popcorn bag refilled during the previews. I love watching previews so huffed off mad I had to get it, though when somebody else is paying for the movies as expensive as they are these days I guess I was earning my keep. I went out looking over my shoulders the whole time. I had already had spotted enough people I knew from around and high school - including one 250+ lbs. ex-boyfriend of my best friend who had a kid's popcorn combo, now he know he was wrong (and cheap). All clear this time.
So I get back with the fresh bag of cholesterol dripping kernels of corn just for my mom and cussing to be dancing and all excited and busting to tell me they saw my mom on the big screen. They had showed the preview for Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girl. They had filmed the church scene at my church and my mom was in the movie choir and they had scene her in the preview. I was happy for her but heated! I wanted to see it! ahhh well. If you see a chubby face, black -rimmed glasses, caramel colored alto, with twists on the third row on the left side in the preview its my mum.
But that movie was so good and a beautiful story to anyone needing some inspiration. I saw the real Chris Gardner on Oprah during Thanksgiving and I really have to read that book. The whole time he was homeless he said he always had a job. I just pray for those who are doing what they can and it still seems to not be enough. It is empowering to see someone go through so much and still overcome.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas and keep pursuing that happyness!


*Couldn't the whole movie be called 'Running?' Will/Chris ran the whole movie. If you see a homeless person, just think they could be the next millionaire.

Sexual Chocolate *drop the mic, exit stage left*

December 15, 2006

Joe the Policeman' from the 'What's Going Down' episode of 'That's My Mama

Better known as Randy Watson of the band SEXUAL CHOCOLATE.
Now you know I kinda like Coming to America *ahem, just look at the name of this here blog* and am the champ of randomly using movie and song phrases in everyday conversation, but lately I have been shocked at how far these guys are from coming correct. Last week pumping gas on the way to the mall with my homie Yasmine, who is a Starra and complimented me by doing her New Year's list which is so much cooler than mine, when this guy offers to pump my gas then calls me sexual chocolate which I am sure was suppose to be his sexy voice.

I was so weirded out that he was say that ignorant mess to me in hopes of getting to me I had to stop myself from busting out laughing which I am sure would have snapped him out of his 'sexy man' mood to the coveted 'Angry black man' who is known to flair up in district men who dont get the answer they want when trying to holla.
I get in the car and tell Yaz and Nia and they both crack up.
Yaz makes the insightful rule:

1) It is NEVER ok to say something with sex in it within five minutes of meeting me.

This guy hadn't even met me though. He didnt ask my name. And actually thought it was alright to call me that ish. I thought he was just some weird guy who probably didnt even know where he got the phrase and just saw a deep brown chic and called her that. Unfortunately, he was the first, but not the last! Yesterday, Im at one of my fave shops when this guy who I guess was delivering a shipment their says "Wassup Sexual Chocolate" And I feel like I am in the freaking twilight zone. Twice in less than a week? Hell No!

Not only is it not right to call someone sexual as a complete stranger, don't be calling me a name of a freaking jerri curl band! Get your facts straight. I know all dark brown girls are tired of 'Dark & Lovely' 'Chocolate' and all the other names old guys thing they are sooo original, but 'Sexual Chocolate' is not the replacement for a perm box!
They got the right movie but the scene waaaayyyy wrong. . .I am a Queen to Be NOT Sexual Chocolate:)
- CB

(if you know me, you know this is the only acceptable name to ever call me with the word 'chocolate in it:)

The Fly Girl Flock

December 9, 2006
So after the lone meatball experience I was heading back on the train finishing up my book for my new book club. Missing most of the Top Model finale I wasn't in much of a rush and this season has pretty much sucked anyway.
"Darling's there no way,no way I'm living without you"
Listening to the original Dreamgirl belt it out brought another great memory from the summer and just added to my New York state of mind I was still high on as I stepped of the DC metro. After checking out some of the cool chics who run Candy Apple Mag that morning I hadn't even realized I dressed like I was back in Harlem, until I was on my way to that focus group. Be sure to check out this hot online mag!

Jennifer Holiday belted. A girl tapped me on my shoulder. Taking off my headphones I saw her pull out a camera and then realized she was asking me if she could take my picture. I soon discovered she was starting a blog for the DC area to be called 'Project Beltway' much like this guys, who we both LOVE!
*I would tell you the outfit but don't want to ruin it for ya:)

Today we had our first Teacakes meeting. That's the new book club me and this chic started. I love me some Pearl Cleage so we read 'What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day.' That book is so good and in these serious days of HIV it was beautiful to someone with the virus so human in that book. the Book club meeting over breakfast was great. It's always a good feeling to be surrounded by like-minded fly girls.

I love me some Lorraine Hansberry and she had it right . . .'To be Young, Black, Fly and Gifted'

What a beautiful flock we are!!!!!

P.S. Like, i REALLY love Pearl Cleage's writing. Just thought I'd put that out there. And yes, this pic was staged, but we need em for the book club:)

Meatball in the Rice

December 6, 2006

No, Im not just my usual hungry self. But I was the only meatball in the rice tonight.
The summer before my Junior year in high school I was in this summer program and it was pretty cool. We all had internships at different businesses around Atlanta. Some were at huge law firms, radio stations and one guy even went on his companies private jet across the country to tag along on a business trip. Me? Well, I had hoped to be at one of those swanky law firms as I was interested in being a lawyer at the time - or a math teacher/radio host.
I was placed at the city's black newspaper - the oldest black daily in the country.
Though it really was the perfect match for me, at the time I was a little jealous of those at law firms with there own offices, which was my top choice for job placement. I mean, they probably wanted to but someone black at the newspaper, I put on my application I was on my high school staff and as my best friend in the program put it - "It's only Six of us Meatballs in the Rice"
Meatballs being the black people in the program. Rice being the 30/40 plus other students who were white.
The program was pretty prestigious and housed at Westminster, one of the city's best private schools. For me it was a major push out of my comfort zone. My neighborhood was majority black. From nursery to high school my schools were black. My church was black. I am the typical black kid from the black suburbs.
I had a great time in the program and was happy i could be just as social when I was a "minority."
But I also knew I liked my comfort zone because damn, it was comfortable.

I love me some Howard (where 3 of the 6 "summer meatballs" went to college) and the fact I can never blame my 'F' on being black, but I also wonder if I should have pushed myself harder out of my comfort zone.
Well tonight, I was the only black person at this focus group for my old internship and I didn't even really notice until the black cleaning lady came in to take out the trash. Formerly Knight Ridder Tribune (now McClatchy) Washington Bureau is now revamping its site. When my former boss emailed me to share what I liked and dislike about websites I had to go. For some reason I knew I was probably one of the few black people invited and I ended up being the only one there.
People may say that integration has hurt the black community more than help it. But its important that we be present in the rooms where decisions are being made. My black bubble is comfortable but in order for things to get better where black people aren't called "loiters" while white people "find food" during a hurricane we gotta get greater diversity in the media. We are more than entertainers and athletes though the majority of our coverage in newspapers depict us as that and that needs to be reflected (Can u tell I just took my ethics in journalism final with stereotypes on it:)? I admit it was awkward when my intern boss gave me the assignment to check out some lip pumping lip gloss (do I look like I need lip pumping?) and it took forever for me to got the courage to tell her I didn't feel comfortable to do a review of the product or use it - though I blamed my reason on me being too young, not that I was black. I did wonder was I given the Kwanzaa assignment because I am black. But that's all a part of popping those joints after sitting comfortably for so long.

To the meatballs!

P.S. I was all pumped (yes, my lips naturally) about doing this post and when I spell checked the thing didn't even recognize "Kwanzaa." See, this is my point.

My New Year's List go a lil something like this

December 2, 2006
Well glad this week is over. Had some people hurt my feelings . . . or atleast try (these young girls from the 'urea where talking about me and my friend and my hair right in our faces without talking to us and all I could do was feel sorry for them . . .and I know my hair was nice so don't even try it! maybe next week it'll be a different story). Got a ton of work to do so I didn't make it to NY for the Big Apple Classic or to the Dreamgirls screening:( . . .Ill just catch it on Christmas.
But you know what, i have LOTS to be thankful for! It's December (hope you guys celebrated World AIDS Day), Global Warming has the weather all nice and now I get to present my Christmas Wish List . . . I need a favor though. Can someone subtlety let my parents and the Holiday Gods know, I really hope they don't and doubt they do read my blog.

What I hope the New Year brings me . . .

1) Love. Peace. Happiness.

Simple. So Necessary.

2) A J-O-B
You already know ESSENCE and Giant and now Vibe Vixen are at the top of my list, but I just need EA next to my name and enough to cover the rent to start off!

I LOVE THE NEW VIBE VIXEN!!!!!!!!!! That mag is really getting its swagger and Id love to be down. You guys know I was and will always be Honey girl but Vixen is really feeling a big void in magazines. How sexy is it to be young, black, female and FIERCE? And that new Giant with Diddy is hot! Aliya wrote the article (the same Diddy article she referenced at the panel). And you already know how I feel about ESSENCE. I just hope when the time comes, I can be down! My plans for the new year also include freelancing HARD!

3) Guitar Lessons.
So yeah. My cousin bought me my recliner and my guitar too, to subtlely let me know I overstayed my welcome and she was turning her garage into a scrap book room. I can't find my "guitar for dummies" dvd so next semester I am seriously getting someone to teach me! This is an actual pic of what my Teddy (yes I named him b/c he's he sort of sexy) looks like. Give me a few weeks and Im gonna be nice! know anybody who'll teach me for the low?

4)Hand Dancing lessons!
Last night I went to our honor's program dinner. It was good - the free food is always welcomed. The speaker was phenomenal! He told this story that blew my mind that Ill save for another post - just remember its about a butterfly and the scientists! But the highlight of the night was when three couples from DC hand dancing came and danced then gave us a lesson for like 2 hours. It was so much fun and they do the lessons right on U street. It's like every city has there version of swing dancing and this is DC's and the town's official dance. Chicago steppin better watch out

So yeah, next semester it's going down! I do want some other small stuff like Different World on DVD, a fierce eye shadow palette and a new phone, but the above will do.

I don't want a lot. Well, I do, but it's all possible!