Merry Christmas and Pursue that Happyness!

December 28, 2006

Merry Belated Christmas! Mine was simple and sweet. Learned more about myself and my family - like how my mom never took a shower till college and how my brother is as selfish as ever- but I digress.

One thing I have always liked about the Christmas holiday is that my mom is a teacher and always spent it with us. So today me, her and my cousin Tia who just moved her and Im sure would be a lot like my big sister if I had one (she acts just like my crazy mama and has no qualms telling me something i am really not trying to hear like how I need a new bra and shes taking me shopping tomorrow. I mean, who wants to hear that . ..even if it is true?) So the movie was really phenomenal as I am sure you have already heard or seen for yourself. Definitely a tear jerker. Ironically we had just watched Hitch the day before reinforcing Will's acting abilities, though his son Jaden may be creeping up on him. A good surprise though was Thandie Newton as the mom. I love her (she was soo good in Crash!) and I could really feel her own turmoil from their stressful situation . . .though I could never leave my baby.
An even bigger Surprise was for my big mouth momma!
Now loving me in the little sister role my mom and cuz sent me to get our refillable popcorn bag refilled during the previews. I love watching previews so huffed off mad I had to get it, though when somebody else is paying for the movies as expensive as they are these days I guess I was earning my keep. I went out looking over my shoulders the whole time. I had already had spotted enough people I knew from around and high school - including one 250+ lbs. ex-boyfriend of my best friend who had a kid's popcorn combo, now he know he was wrong (and cheap). All clear this time.
So I get back with the fresh bag of cholesterol dripping kernels of corn just for my mom and cussing to be dancing and all excited and busting to tell me they saw my mom on the big screen. They had showed the preview for Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girl. They had filmed the church scene at my church and my mom was in the movie choir and they had scene her in the preview. I was happy for her but heated! I wanted to see it! ahhh well. If you see a chubby face, black -rimmed glasses, caramel colored alto, with twists on the third row on the left side in the preview its my mum.
But that movie was so good and a beautiful story to anyone needing some inspiration. I saw the real Chris Gardner on Oprah during Thanksgiving and I really have to read that book. The whole time he was homeless he said he always had a job. I just pray for those who are doing what they can and it still seems to not be enough. It is empowering to see someone go through so much and still overcome.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas and keep pursuing that happyness!


*Couldn't the whole movie be called 'Running?' Will/Chris ran the whole movie. If you see a homeless person, just think they could be the next millionaire.