Goodbye, 2006. I'll Love You Forever!!!!!!

December 31, 2006

This is so weird. But all week I have been dreading the coming of the new year. I know, I know. . . but like I just said and I am sure is obvious by now, Im weird.

But 2006 was so good to me I really don't want to see it end so soon. But even though it seems my life has been really good, I am open to it getting even better so reluctantly, I say good bye to '06.

On Thursday, before seeing Pursuit of Happyness I had lunch with my old boss Isoul, who is the entertainment editor of Atlanta Peach Magazine, which is so so sexy (the Ocean Drive Magazine that is . . and his job too!) Talking to him about how my summer was just got me nostalgic again for my best year ever. But as good as it was (im talking barefoot in Susan Taylor's kitchen sipping ginger tea, laughing to your stomach really starts contracting with friends you will love forever, being so loved by family you finally begin to understand and being blessed to shop like someone else is really paying the bill ) there are still so many things I have to look forward to in the New Year, including a ski trip on MLK weekend (and yes I still will be celebrating on Monday. Its a day ON people!) dropping these extra pounds I have put on this year I guess from the good life and enjoying this 21+ status and trips outside the states as my sites set on Jamaica for spring break and South Africa after graduation.

I guess for me, I remember me and one of my best buds couldnt wait to get rid of 2004 as we had buried her mom that October and I couldnt wait to get out of 2005 because it was the toughest year of my life and Im just thankful I mad it out of there and my health is stellar (too good, in fact with those extra pounds I mentioned). So I held on tight when 2006 came and it was all I had hoped for (minus that prince Im still waiting on:)
But the time has come to say good bye to my beloved 2006 .. . you'll always hold a special place in my heart.


*yes this post was Cheezy. But it really was a good year. *tear, tear* I promise I'll leave the cheeziness in '06 . . .or atleast try:)