Sexual Chocolate *drop the mic, exit stage left*

December 15, 2006

Joe the Policeman' from the 'What's Going Down' episode of 'That's My Mama

Better known as Randy Watson of the band SEXUAL CHOCOLATE.
Now you know I kinda like Coming to America *ahem, just look at the name of this here blog* and am the champ of randomly using movie and song phrases in everyday conversation, but lately I have been shocked at how far these guys are from coming correct. Last week pumping gas on the way to the mall with my homie Yasmine, who is a Starra and complimented me by doing her New Year's list which is so much cooler than mine, when this guy offers to pump my gas then calls me sexual chocolate which I am sure was suppose to be his sexy voice.

I was so weirded out that he was say that ignorant mess to me in hopes of getting to me I had to stop myself from busting out laughing which I am sure would have snapped him out of his 'sexy man' mood to the coveted 'Angry black man' who is known to flair up in district men who dont get the answer they want when trying to holla.
I get in the car and tell Yaz and Nia and they both crack up.
Yaz makes the insightful rule:

1) It is NEVER ok to say something with sex in it within five minutes of meeting me.

This guy hadn't even met me though. He didnt ask my name. And actually thought it was alright to call me that ish. I thought he was just some weird guy who probably didnt even know where he got the phrase and just saw a deep brown chic and called her that. Unfortunately, he was the first, but not the last! Yesterday, Im at one of my fave shops when this guy who I guess was delivering a shipment their says "Wassup Sexual Chocolate" And I feel like I am in the freaking twilight zone. Twice in less than a week? Hell No!

Not only is it not right to call someone sexual as a complete stranger, don't be calling me a name of a freaking jerri curl band! Get your facts straight. I know all dark brown girls are tired of 'Dark & Lovely' 'Chocolate' and all the other names old guys thing they are sooo original, but 'Sexual Chocolate' is not the replacement for a perm box!
They got the right movie but the scene waaaayyyy wrong. . .I am a Queen to Be NOT Sexual Chocolate:)
- CB

(if you know me, you know this is the only acceptable name to ever call me with the word 'chocolate in it:)


  1. Whitney said...:

    CB!!!! How funny! Me and my sister always say "Sexual Chocolate" and stomp our feet after something funny!!!!

    I think Coming to America was one of the best movies ever made...I could watch it everyday and still laugh!

  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    awww...my deep mocha, chic, forward sistaaaaaa *two snaps* I loved this post..well, i love any post with my name in it but I really love this one because you truly spoke on something I've been hearing you sista's from the darker side of the color wheel speak about for YEARS! so preach on! Merry CHRISTmas too!-yaz:)