My New Year's List go a lil something like this

December 2, 2006
Well glad this week is over. Had some people hurt my feelings . . . or atleast try (these young girls from the 'urea where talking about me and my friend and my hair right in our faces without talking to us and all I could do was feel sorry for them . . .and I know my hair was nice so don't even try it! maybe next week it'll be a different story). Got a ton of work to do so I didn't make it to NY for the Big Apple Classic or to the Dreamgirls screening:( . . .Ill just catch it on Christmas.
But you know what, i have LOTS to be thankful for! It's December (hope you guys celebrated World AIDS Day), Global Warming has the weather all nice and now I get to present my Christmas Wish List . . . I need a favor though. Can someone subtlety let my parents and the Holiday Gods know, I really hope they don't and doubt they do read my blog.

What I hope the New Year brings me . . .

1) Love. Peace. Happiness.

Simple. So Necessary.

2) A J-O-B
You already know ESSENCE and Giant and now Vibe Vixen are at the top of my list, but I just need EA next to my name and enough to cover the rent to start off!

I LOVE THE NEW VIBE VIXEN!!!!!!!!!! That mag is really getting its swagger and Id love to be down. You guys know I was and will always be Honey girl but Vixen is really feeling a big void in magazines. How sexy is it to be young, black, female and FIERCE? And that new Giant with Diddy is hot! Aliya wrote the article (the same Diddy article she referenced at the panel). And you already know how I feel about ESSENCE. I just hope when the time comes, I can be down! My plans for the new year also include freelancing HARD!

3) Guitar Lessons.
So yeah. My cousin bought me my recliner and my guitar too, to subtlely let me know I overstayed my welcome and she was turning her garage into a scrap book room. I can't find my "guitar for dummies" dvd so next semester I am seriously getting someone to teach me! This is an actual pic of what my Teddy (yes I named him b/c he's he sort of sexy) looks like. Give me a few weeks and Im gonna be nice! know anybody who'll teach me for the low?

4)Hand Dancing lessons!
Last night I went to our honor's program dinner. It was good - the free food is always welcomed. The speaker was phenomenal! He told this story that blew my mind that Ill save for another post - just remember its about a butterfly and the scientists! But the highlight of the night was when three couples from DC hand dancing came and danced then gave us a lesson for like 2 hours. It was so much fun and they do the lessons right on U street. It's like every city has there version of swing dancing and this is DC's and the town's official dance. Chicago steppin better watch out

So yeah, next semester it's going down! I do want some other small stuff like Different World on DVD, a fierce eye shadow palette and a new phone, but the above will do.

I don't want a lot. Well, I do, but it's all possible!


  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    loved this entry...don't be mad when i play copycat and do a duplicate!