10 of My Favorite Memories of Love

February 10, 2010
So I celebrated my 25th birthday this week. I had a blast celebrating with some of my favorite people.
The morning didn’t start off as great. I was fighting a cold, which I blamed for a random moodiness, and was hungry after skipping breakfast.
But a call with my dad during lunch snapped me out of the funk. He reminisced on the day I was born and how bright my eyes were that day – echoing the bright-eyed sentiment my mother had put in her card to me. In that moment I remembered it ain’t all about me. I gotta keep smiling because there are people who need a little light. It hit me again later that night when I found out someone who doesn’t even like me, was reading this here blog.
Even when the headlines hurt and the phone doesn’t ring, I’m shooting to stay bright-eyed for 25 more years and beyond.
And to celebrate making it to 25, here are 10 of my favorite memories of love.
10) “So just forget about you and me?”
I always remember that line from “Love and Basketball” when Monica and Quincy break up in college. Sure her losing in the basketball game for his affection and him coming back with “double or nothing” is sweet. But what made their happy ending appealing, was the fight it took to get there. Their story is a great lesson on no matter how great a connection, timing really is everything.

Looking Good in Love . . .

February 4, 2010
Isn't this gorgeous? And its not an ad. Its their engagement photos.

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