Summer Lovin

March 30, 2008

I read this post by Belle.
She salutes Whitley Gilbert as one of the Baddest B*tches around. Now you know I love my Different World so I was so with her. Whitley was a bad girl, and knew the power of southern charm:)

And then Belle goes on to break down the miracle of marriage. The amazing occurrence that two people could find each other, fall in love, and get on the same page long enough to actually make it down the aisle and pledge forever.

Deep indeed.

And I definitely believe in miracles .

And like all those happily coupled giddy girlfriends who love being in love and you love to hate, just as I wasn't looking all the things I thought I wanted in a guy strolled in my life. And like holding a newborn baby, Im paranoid I'll mess it up before it even has a chance to grow.
Keep ya posted

Something New

March 28, 2008

Sunday I had a few friends and friends of friends over to watch the return of CW's show The Game (Gary and Jess's idea) and play some games. For a girl who is mostly around women at work (read life), its always refreshing to be around young Black men, especially if they outnumber the ladies. 
So when the question was asked about interracial dating, and half of the girls had had serious relationships with white guys and the rest of us had been on at least one date with a white guy,  a room full of young intelligent Black men were all surprised and scratching their heads. As one friend broke down how Black men were at the top of the Male food chain, the trophy of any women, and Black women had to be open as well to the possibilities of love. 
Then one sexy Black man said how when he thinks of white
 guys and Black women, he thinks of the rape of Black women during the days of slavery.
It's not always that deep. But had me and the girls thinking.
I have been on my Emily King kick lately (In My Shoes was my theme song of the week after dealing with a trif family member), so her Colorblind song was already on the brainss.
Watching Sex and the City and seeing Big and knowing he ended up with a black girl in real life, got me to writing the post.
Like Coke when it comes to Black men, there really is nothing like the real thing. But I can understand how after being thirsty, Pepsi might taste just as good to some sisters. 

All Hail Alma Mater

March 24, 2008

Sigh . . .

Aww HU. (U U u u u)

That's the echo in the hilltop office as the paper has stopped running for now amid financial woes.

Last week I heard our campus newspaper, which I finagled my way on to the staff as a freshman (and yes I like to add I was the only freshman on staff that year, hey some have nobel peace prizes, thats what I got:) and where I called home till Senior year, had stopped running for the semester.

A few months ago a good friend and fellow former hilltopper helped with trying to straighten out financial problems so I thought things were back on track. Not so much.

Today Shara sent an email about the paper posted on Black College Wire. As I read about a place that was once so dear to my heart, I wondered how things got so bad so fast and could I have done anything to help avoid the collision? I wondered why it wasnt till now my heart strings were even tugged to care?

I mean, we went by the office when we were in town for homecoming, I give any student who comes an office tour and lunch, and at any time it comes I rep hard for my school (like when the Will You Marry Me couples came by, the Howard couple was so cute), but is that more for personal satisfaction and self serving or uplifting of a heavy legacy? Am I one of those type of people?

I did help layout most of our NYC-HU alum's chapter newsletter. Should I have spent that time better serving the school?

And we already know how educated Black people feel about Howard. So it definitely is time for re-evaluation as an alum of almost a year now. Yep, the time flies.

Heard it all before

March 17, 2008
There definitely is nothing new under the sun . . . being sexy and single included.

So, since the new year I have been on this kick to date more (at least once every two weeks, I wrote down:) and I'm happy to report things are going better then planned. Maybe it has to do with getting myself the first seasons of Living Single and Different World on dvd for my birthday. 

Any given day I can be quirky like Sinclaire, the leader like Kadijah, quick witted a
nd uber-career orientated like Max or a diva and maneater like Regine. My dating life had me wanting to call my current phase The Regine Years, and I told Jessica just that.

She said, why not Samantha Jones since Regine was kinda a gold digger. Hmm, good point. But almost all of Samantha's dates ended with sex, and thats not exactly what I had in mind. I mean Im all for a girl getting what makes her smile, but dang. lol.

And after I said that it got me to thinking . . .

Sex in the City is nothing but the second coming of Living Single!!

Four single women living and working in NY. Just look at the main characters the show centers on.

Crew Member #1: The Writer and Leader of the Crew
I mean, Ive been saying for years Im a Kadijah-Carrie a la mode, but now I realize that may be because they are alike. In their group they were the glue that kept everyone together, worked in magazines and the most round-the- way of the crew. Just look at Carrie's nameplate necklace:)
Now they also were very different in many ways, especially when it came to men. 'Mother' would not be getting played with like Carrie.

Crew Member #2: The Hopeless Romantic and Lover of Cliches
Charlotte York is nothing but a glammed up version of Sinclair James. Both dark haired beauties provided comic relief with their strong opinions and naivete', always spoutin
g something positive for the rest of the crew - and the first to make it down the aisle.

Crew Member #3: The Tough Lawyer
She's as rough in the bedroom as she is in the courtroom - and the guys love her for it. She'll do anything for her friends, including giving them tough love and honest opinions even when it hurts a little. She's Maxine Shaw, attorney at Law, or Miranda. Shoot, there 
names even both started with M. They were both also, the first to have kids in the crew, even though
 they weren't married and provided a look at the busy professional woman starting a family. Did anybody else see that episode of Half and Half with Kyle and Max, and their 8 year old daughter?

Crew Member #4: The Man-Crazy Stylish Diva
Money and men were the loves of Regine Hunter and Samantha Jones - and not necessarily in that order. These lovers had new guys almost every episode and were the go to for great dating anecdotes. Now Samantha's career in PR was more successful then Regine's at the boutique, but that didn't stop the ladder from being fly, as they both were the center of attention wherever they went, and charmed men like most girls only dream of.

I was so excited when I thought I was on to something. I mean Girlfriends gets heat for being a not-as-good knock off of Sex and the City, with Joan taking on Carrie and Toni taking on Samantha, but Sex in the City was guilty of the same. Then one of my buddies said, well actually, Living Single wasnt the first either, as their format is awfully similar to Golden Girls. Can't you just see Sinclaire talking about St. Olof and Samantha turning into Blanche?

hmm . . . 

Side Hustlin'

March 15, 2008

So today, I debuted my new side hustle, The Charm Trunk - Vintage Style at a Steal. While home last weekend I vintage shopped and brought the good finds back to New York. This is the perfect way to spend a little more time with my little sis and be able to afford going home! Yay!
And my homegirls made me feel like a rockstar and confirmed Im on to something. If you're in the NY area, holler at me. I got something you'll love, promise!

Stay with me . . .please

March 12, 2008

Promise to post and soon! Life has just been getting in the way:) . . .
Went home for the weekend and it was GREAT. More details to come. A few weeks ago Jean Baylor from the group Zhane stopped by the office to perform a few songs from her independent album she and her hubby are doing (they are so cute). They also bought us Chinese food which is for a broke-artsy person like me, heaven: Free Food and Live Entertainment.

My fortune cookie said this: "You wil soon take a very pleasant and successful trip."

My mind just knew I was about to be flown away to a private island or a rain forest.

Who knew that barely-fresh cookie was alluding to a weekend home?

Also since I last typed, I must update my "People I'd Like to Meet" on myspace : Andre 3000 - check

Went to press day for Semi-Pro. Will Ferrell was hilarious and a character of himself in person. And Andre was just a regular cool dude. Smooth. Quick Witted and clever (the Glad-is Night line still makes me smile everytime I hear it) Laughing at his own jokes. A genuine gentleman steadying me as I almost walked backwards off the stage after asking the status of the Sammy Davis movie.

And he also reinforced the reality Im kinda grown and, well, over a lot of things.

Celebrities are human.

Drama is not my thing.

Blogs are NOT diaries . . .a tough lesson I learned recently and definitely will apply going forward.

and most importantly, boys are FUN when they wanna be and help girls not fall so hard. . .

Another good weekend . . .

March 3, 2008

I felt like I deserved a good weekend. 
Maybe I didnt but I was blessed to get it anyway. 
Friday I hibernated on  a cold winter night after a crazy week at work. Big girls don't cry, right Ferg?
Saturday I went to the first meeting of a mentorship program we are doing with Manhattan's NCNW. good stuff. I hung out with a friend and that night we partied again like it was somebody's birthday. Didnt get back to Harlem till 5am.

Sunday it was time to get to work. I really am in my step it up mode and also put in some time on my side hustles:) Details to soon follow!!