Side Hustlin'

March 15, 2008

So today, I debuted my new side hustle, The Charm Trunk - Vintage Style at a Steal. While home last weekend I vintage shopped and brought the good finds back to New York. This is the perfect way to spend a little more time with my little sis and be able to afford going home! Yay!
And my homegirls made me feel like a rockstar and confirmed Im on to something. If you're in the NY area, holler at me. I got something you'll love, promise!


  1. Elle* said...:

    Hey Lady,

    I read ur email about the Charm Trunk after I got home from running around! Too bad I missed the Teacakes debut! I checked out the site, very very very fly!
    Get ya hustle on!
    See ya soon! I will most def be a customer.

  1. Cosmopolitan said...:

    I'm soooooooooo mad! As soon as I leave that's when you guys want to break out the fly stuff. :(

  1. Sass said...:

    you definitely are a rockstar! love your new venture ms. curator!

  1. Bsquared said...:

    As I mentioned earlier, I am very proud of you! Don't forget what I said. Also, I will find a way to mention it on my blog as well...

  1. sierra said...:

    DaMN, that shoe has a lot going on!

  1. CJ said...:

    Thanks for the love guys!

    @ Elle
    I've been taking notes from you missy! I got a few things I think you would love. Let me know if you get a little time before next meeting and come by for some tea and teacaking;)

    @ The Cosmo Crazy One
    Yep fly girl, you had to ditch us to go primp. next time you know:) j/k

    @ sass
    You left your bracelet!

    @ the fab bssquare
    THANKS SO MUCH!! Im already envisioning my next shots when I get a hold of a camera

    @ sierra, leave my shoe alone . . and welcome back to blogging miss