Something New

March 28, 2008

Sunday I had a few friends and friends of friends over to watch the return of CW's show The Game (Gary and Jess's idea) and play some games. For a girl who is mostly around women at work (read life), its always refreshing to be around young Black men, especially if they outnumber the ladies. 
So when the question was asked about interracial dating, and half of the girls had had serious relationships with white guys and the rest of us had been on at least one date with a white guy,  a room full of young intelligent Black men were all surprised and scratching their heads. As one friend broke down how Black men were at the top of the Male food chain, the trophy of any women, and Black women had to be open as well to the possibilities of love. 
Then one sexy Black man said how when he thinks of white
 guys and Black women, he thinks of the rape of Black women during the days of slavery.
It's not always that deep. But had me and the girls thinking.
I have been on my Emily King kick lately (In My Shoes was my theme song of the week after dealing with a trif family member), so her Colorblind song was already on the brainss.
Watching Sex and the City and seeing Big and knowing he ended up with a black girl in real life, got me to writing the post.
Like Coke when it comes to Black men, there really is nothing like the real thing. But I can understand how after being thirsty, Pepsi might taste just as good to some sisters. 


  1. shara said...:

    was there any discussion about black men and white women? i see that more often than the reverse.

  1. shara's right. it seems like white women are the stereotypical trophy for black men.

    and i agree w/the male friend who said anytime he sees a black woman w/a white man, he thinks of rape during times of slavery. i know it's not always that deep, but i can't fake like my mind doesn't go there @ the thought of doing more than going on a casual date w/a white guy. it actually vacillates between that image, the scene in "something new" when sanaa came home from work & dude just couldn't understand her frustration at being in all (white) boys club all day and that episode of "girlfriends" where toni was like she's tired of being a white man's "excotic little black girl." none of those are scenarios i want to live out every day in my mind w/the person i choose to spend my life with... perhaps w/time and maturity this will change.