Stay with me . . .please

March 12, 2008

Promise to post and soon! Life has just been getting in the way:) . . .
Went home for the weekend and it was GREAT. More details to come. A few weeks ago Jean Baylor from the group Zhane stopped by the office to perform a few songs from her independent album she and her hubby are doing (they are so cute). They also bought us Chinese food which is for a broke-artsy person like me, heaven: Free Food and Live Entertainment.

My fortune cookie said this: "You wil soon take a very pleasant and successful trip."

My mind just knew I was about to be flown away to a private island or a rain forest.

Who knew that barely-fresh cookie was alluding to a weekend home?

Also since I last typed, I must update my "People I'd Like to Meet" on myspace : Andre 3000 - check

Went to press day for Semi-Pro. Will Ferrell was hilarious and a character of himself in person. And Andre was just a regular cool dude. Smooth. Quick Witted and clever (the Glad-is Night line still makes me smile everytime I hear it) Laughing at his own jokes. A genuine gentleman steadying me as I almost walked backwards off the stage after asking the status of the Sammy Davis movie.

And he also reinforced the reality Im kinda grown and, well, over a lot of things.

Celebrities are human.

Drama is not my thing.

Blogs are NOT diaries . . .a tough lesson I learned recently and definitely will apply going forward.

and most importantly, boys are FUN when they wanna be and help girls not fall so hard. . .


  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    did something happen b/c of something you said on your blog? :(

    glad you had a great trip home. Enjoy life. Take it slowly. Will be here when u get back chica!