Heard it all before

March 17, 2008
There definitely is nothing new under the sun . . . being sexy and single included.

So, since the new year I have been on this kick to date more (at least once every two weeks, I wrote down:) and I'm happy to report things are going better then planned. Maybe it has to do with getting myself the first seasons of Living Single and Different World on dvd for my birthday. 

Any given day I can be quirky like Sinclaire, the leader like Kadijah, quick witted a
nd uber-career orientated like Max or a diva and maneater like Regine. My dating life had me wanting to call my current phase The Regine Years, and I told Jessica just that.

She said, why not Samantha Jones since Regine was kinda a gold digger. Hmm, good point. But almost all of Samantha's dates ended with sex, and thats not exactly what I had in mind. I mean Im all for a girl getting what makes her smile, but dang. lol.

And after I said that it got me to thinking . . .

Sex in the City is nothing but the second coming of Living Single!!

Four single women living and working in NY. Just look at the main characters the show centers on.

Crew Member #1: The Writer and Leader of the Crew
I mean, Ive been saying for years Im a Kadijah-Carrie a la mode, but now I realize that may be because they are alike. In their group they were the glue that kept everyone together, worked in magazines and the most round-the- way of the crew. Just look at Carrie's nameplate necklace:)
Now they also were very different in many ways, especially when it came to men. 'Mother' would not be getting played with like Carrie.

Crew Member #2: The Hopeless Romantic and Lover of Cliches
Charlotte York is nothing but a glammed up version of Sinclair James. Both dark haired beauties provided comic relief with their strong opinions and naivete', always spoutin
g something positive for the rest of the crew - and the first to make it down the aisle.

Crew Member #3: The Tough Lawyer
She's as rough in the bedroom as she is in the courtroom - and the guys love her for it. She'll do anything for her friends, including giving them tough love and honest opinions even when it hurts a little. She's Maxine Shaw, attorney at Law, or Miranda. Shoot, there 
names even both started with M. They were both also, the first to have kids in the crew, even though
 they weren't married and provided a look at the busy professional woman starting a family. Did anybody else see that episode of Half and Half with Kyle and Max, and their 8 year old daughter?

Crew Member #4: The Man-Crazy Stylish Diva
Money and men were the loves of Regine Hunter and Samantha Jones - and not necessarily in that order. These lovers had new guys almost every episode and were the go to for great dating anecdotes. Now Samantha's career in PR was more successful then Regine's at the boutique, but that didn't stop the ladder from being fly, as they both were the center of attention wherever they went, and charmed men like most girls only dream of.

I was so excited when I thought I was on to something. I mean Girlfriends gets heat for being a not-as-good knock off of Sex and the City, with Joan taking on Carrie and Toni taking on Samantha, but Sex in the City was guilty of the same. Then one of my buddies said, well actually, Living Single wasnt the first either, as their format is awfully similar to Golden Girls. Can't you just see Sinclaire talking about St. Olof and Samantha turning into Blanche?

hmm . . . 


  1. KAppenbrink said...:

    CJ, you're brilliant! We might just have to have a day of watching Living Single & A Different World. I loved those shows growing up!

  1. crystal said...:

    very nice post, ma cherie. good job.

  1. Sass said...:

    OMG! You are BRILLIANT!! Black folks can't have ish without people biting and taking full credit. Damn I never thought about this. smh crazy!

  1. Elle* said...:

    Echoing sentiments of the above posters, that was BRILL-I-ANTE! You hit it right on the head!

  1. marky said...:

    I think MJ looks great in that pic. Anyway, which beauty are you in the pics. I have my favorite picked out. If you're the one i think you are you have beautiful eyes.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    muy fab. mahvelous comparisons.

    'Mother' would not be getting played with like Carrie. WORD!! hilarious. & i would've loved to see that ep of 1/2 and 1/2!!

  1. Hampton06 said...:

    Great comparison! When "Friends" came out that was a minor uproar that it was basically "Living Single" with white people. Both were produced by Warner Bros. TV.