I'm a sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 26, 2006
I heard a really good sermon last week. I went to First Baptist Glen Arden out in Maryland and it was jut what I needed. thanks again ms. Shelton!. Anyways, not knocking chapel, but it felt good to be in a real church with a pastor who you knew would be back the next week. He spoke on the Matthew Scripture on how God will separate the sheep from the goat on his right and left by whether or not they helped the least of these. I felt good, knowing that I try to do what I can and I will buy a meal anytime to someone on the street, but I know I could do so much more. He challenged us and I want to challenge others to remember we cant afford to look our nose up to anyone, cuz its only by the grace of God we are where we are!

Sheep: head down bowed to God, have been changed (have to get fleece sheared,) tail hangs down, eats from the ground

Goat: nose in the air looking for food in bushes, horns (fighter), no change, no fleece, tail in the air.

I am a Sheep and have to rebuke my goat tendencies:)!

You can get with this or you can get with that

February 24, 2006
You ever be so busy that somebody ask you what you did for the weekend or week and really have to stop and think about it and be asking yo self, "dang, what did I do.
I really have been trying to get myself to grow up some more and not be such a hot head, and choose my battles. That doesn't mean I don't slip and tell some people how I REALLY feel.
This past week was def a lot. But I guess alls well that ends well. At the mall Friday night I got some cute shirts to start my spring night life (even though I ended up wearing 1 last night to latex . . .what can I say, I was excited) and dinner with the girls was a lot of fun. Trust. (new inside joke:) And I got a lot of the black history month mag laid out yesterday, so I feel I got something accomplished. I have already written a lot in this post, so Ill make it quick. But just so I don't forget one day I HAVE to really go into the fact that:

a) my dad had the nerve to try to make me feel better when I was upset with my mom for being a 'wet blanket' that he says how that's just her, she use to do it to him and that's what drove him to CHEAT which lead to their divorce and the break up of our family. FYI .. .to all daddies: WHen your kid is upset remember they don't want to hear about your shit, especially if the story had a MAJOR effect on their life. ( I know I said I would go into this later but I guess I still needed to vent)

b) grandmas are great!

c) surrounding yourself with stars is major.
in the middle of writing this freakin blogged, i got a IM from my homie Maya. She IS photography for the paper and she got called by a TOP newspaper to come work. Its not confirmed yet so I dont want to give all the details. But I know she got it! She dont even know how crazy that is. People work 30 yrs hoping they could get the job she gonna be offered tom.

You got to Pray just to make it today!

February 17, 2006
Remember that MC Hammer song? Don't even front, I wasn't the only one doing the '2 Legit' sign language on the play ground. Anyway. No, I wasn't drunk on the last post with the lack of spell check and the abrupt ending. Just experienced a keyboard malfunction which led to me realizing I need a new keyboard ( after just getting my computer back after it sat in the ilab for two weeks.) I am in the ilab now after emailing the people I needed to write today and resisting the urge just to zip one of these keyboards in my leather bomber and be on my way. If my next post is from my room, you'll know I couldn't resist . . .
meet my honors partner today at starbucks to do our 'getting to know you' activity and probably blew her mind with how candid I was on the last year of my life. Ill share in due time.
heading back to my room and still deciding on whether to go to Jordan's party tonight. know anybody that's goin?
still surprised each year that EVERYBODY from Howard goes to Miami for spring break?
prayed today?

Should I? Shoudl'nt I? What the hell . . .

Sitting here feeling sh*t because I should go see me my mentee with Big Brother Big Sister, but Im just tired from sending out the freaking hilltop last night (though that paper is hot:). I know Im triflin because we only have to do 1 hour a week and I havent made it yet for the week and its freakin friday. I have'nt even showered (which happens more than I like to admit in my busy schedule) bu

Its Official . . .

February 16, 2006
Though I planned to officially kick off this blog on my 21st Birthday (feb 8th:) my day and the subsequent ones were crazy. So here it is my new chill spot and official release from the troubles of life! I am sitting here looking at this blog being created after a long day of classes (of which I nodded off in as usual) and a tell-all session with my BFF Celeste, on DRAMA that rocked my world and some other people who are NEAR and dear to me. So after a year of saying Im starting a blog and a short lived stint with livejournal, I am ready to blog! I'm now officially grown to my already established sexy.

It's Official . . .
- I GOT ASME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be getting my intern on hard this summer
- Some niggas (sorry but thats the only word to describe them) really aint shit
- Im a cutie
- Im gonna be somebody!

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a class taught by Cathy Hughes on Tuesday (valentine's) and really felt inspired. She was so chill and made it seem totally achievable for me too to one day own a 3 billion dollar company. I'd be happy with a couple million. - just goes to show, think pennies get pennies, think dollars - get dollars. (and yes I stole that from Ray, but wisdom is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! even in my mentee DC 7th grader, Dineika) I wanna spruce up the blog so I have to conclude this post. But I'll be back real soon.