I'm a sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 26, 2006
I heard a really good sermon last week. I went to First Baptist Glen Arden out in Maryland and it was jut what I needed. thanks again ms. Shelton!. Anyways, not knocking chapel, but it felt good to be in a real church with a pastor who you knew would be back the next week. He spoke on the Matthew Scripture on how God will separate the sheep from the goat on his right and left by whether or not they helped the least of these. I felt good, knowing that I try to do what I can and I will buy a meal anytime to someone on the street, but I know I could do so much more. He challenged us and I want to challenge others to remember we cant afford to look our nose up to anyone, cuz its only by the grace of God we are where we are!

Sheep: head down bowed to God, have been changed (have to get fleece sheared,) tail hangs down, eats from the ground

Goat: nose in the air looking for food in bushes, horns (fighter), no change, no fleece, tail in the air.

I am a Sheep and have to rebuke my goat tendencies:)!