Don't say good bye say good night

March 5, 2006
met this guy night before last. He was cool. In town for a conference where I met him as I was hanging with two of my high school buddies who were here for the same event. Chilling downstairs in the bar, he says he can make my heart beat fast and ask if I want to go upstairs to his room. Now he didn't say it in that context and it sort of was a challenge as I said my heart doesn't race unless I want it to. But still he has no idea how close he was to me getting up and walking away and pegging him as another negro out for the goods.

I didn't though. With a rolled eye and bended brow I told him 'no' and the conversation moved on. I went on to learn some things I didn't know. like how u should never call locs 'dreads' as other cultures called them that stemming from 'dreadful' and how piru relates to the bloods. I also realized how talented this brother was when he did a poem for me and my friend and sort of dedicated another one to me I think, during a lil impromptu open mic the group started. Though I probably won't see this guy any time soon, he did make me wonder how many other cool guys I have overlooked b/c they may have said something out of pocket, and how I probably missed out on some cool conversations because I'm so sure the guy is trying to get in my pants.

Im just thankful for this reality check. and for the reality check I got last night at Howard's $200 a plate Charter Day dinner. Talking bout relationship with the girls in the bathroom, an alum told us that this is the best spot for us to find good mates and to be willing to overlook some of the things these guys do because their still growing. She told us how she met her trauma surgeon when he was still ashy at Howard. So with so many lessons coming my way, I think I need to reevaluate my standards. Im not even looking for a guy because I have way to much to work out with myself. But when I am, Im not gonna be such a hard ass.

My motto remains: "I don't want no fly guy, I just want a shy guy"


  1. Elle* said...:

    Heeey, lookin at your archives and I must say you are on point with that. I do the same thing. If you mess up with the first syllables out of your mouth, I'm hollerin' NEXT!
    "I don't want a fly guy, I want a shy guy" <----I like that motto.