March 6, 2006
Sittin here doing what I often do best: procrastinating. I have a big midterm in Africana Studies and I cant seem to focus. Possibly because Im watching girlfriends and all the other UPN shows and excited that Top Model is coming back on Wednesday. Im just excited about a lot of things going on - like my big time internship this summer, our Magazine Conference coming up, going home on Friday, my mom's surprise award coming up and the list goes on. I also sort of feel like im looking at myself from the outside watching my old habits die hard. Like the fact that I am eating now & laters, though I really need to cut down on candy or that Im even writing this blog since I should be studying. But with the bad habits, some of my good habits are hanging around too.
So last night I'm instant messaging one of my buddies and dishing some juicy gossip when I get the urge to open back up the novel Im writing and get back on it. Though it was funny watching my mom read my 'Have you written your page today? If not sit your ASS down!' sign on my door, looking at the sign also reminds me of the go getter I am and for the need for me to drop my proscratinating habit with the quickness.
After a meeting with our magazine group, which always leave me nostalgic and inspired, Im dreamin of my future and how fabulous my summer be, how great it will be to shop publishers this summer and how I really need to not get stuck in the dream, but wake the hell up and do something about them. I guess Ill start with my midterm studies.