She Say He Just a Friend

May 28, 2009
The age old debate on whether men and women can really "just" be friends is back. Interviewing Hill Harper he was making some great points on the importance of men and women actually communication to better understand each other and build stronger relationships.

So I asked in the interview his take on men and women just being friends. His reply:
Yes! Gabrielle Union is one of my best friends. People have always said we've hooked up. We've shared great memories and very difficult times together, but we've never crossed the line of friendship. Men and women can absolutely be friends and that's what we need to be. Part of the problem is that we aren't friends enough.

I agree that we can just be friends if neither is attracted or we've established we arent going down that road. One of my oldest guy friends though is in the dog house with me. AFter not talking for months, my tweets alert him to the fact Ive got a BF. he calls and grills me and tries to find any hole to bring down someone he doesnt know. He didnt care how me or my mom were doing, just wanted the 411 on Sherlock. Like a real friend, I let him have it, after the last sly remark and not-so-subtle jab. I still contend men and women can just be friends!

On Bended Knee

May 26, 2009

That's me grinning on the way to my friend Teresa's wedding. It was my first time being a bridesmaid and I took my duties seriously.

At work I play around sometimes saying I might as well propose to Sherlock since he's such a great guy.

I never actually would propose to a guy, not that I'm stuck in tradition, but more so if he really wanted to marry me, he would ask. I asked Sherlock what he thought of a woman proposing. He broke it down, that he and most guys wouldnt be offended by it, but it takes away the moment for them. He said he proposals are great for women, but it is a special moment for the man as well as he plans exactly how it will go down and shares how much his lady means to him. I never looked at like that. See why I joked like that to begin with?

Spades in Central Park

May 22, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun . . .

Anyone want to join me Monday? Had a blast playing with Rakia for her dirty 30 picnic last year . . .

Shameless Plug

May 20, 2009

I had the great experience of writing a relationships story for ESSENCE with my good friend and coworker Niema."10 Places to Meet Black Men" on page 76.

Along with weddings (yes, I somehow got Cupid Shuffle in the mix) and bookstores we included the stip club.

No, every woman won't meet the man of her dreams at Magic City, but you may meet someone who you can have a nice date with.

My Prom Date

May 18, 2009

Michael Ealy dropped by the job a few weeks back.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him in the fall and he was nothing like I thought he would be. This college-educated brother isn't the bad boy we've seen on screen (he killed it in Miracle at St. Anna though . . .) During his visit of course a few of the ladies were grinning extra hard with fresh coats of lip gloss;). After we cleared out, and everyone had taken pictures one of my coworkers asked if I wanted a shot. I usually pass on celeb photos but figured why not since he had been so fun throughout his visit. As I'm going for a hug he says, "let's do the prom pose" and I burst out laughing and here's the outcome. Me with my mouth wide open like I'm heading to the limo outside.

My senior prom was the best for the record and at the Fox Theater in Atlanta;) STILL love that dress, (think blue mermaid) lol. But can't say I had someone as fine as Michael Ealy to take me . . .

Season Of Sense

May 17, 2009
So, I did this whole I'm back to blogging post over the weekend and it got deleted. Just as well.

What's been holding me back from blogging sooner is feeling I'm not all the way real of I come talking about all the good stuff like seeing the pride in John Legend as he bounced around during his brother Vaughn Anthony's showcase last week or laughing with my girls or the BF, or seeing my lil cousin graduate from Hampton last weekend, without adding getting bad news about one of my friend last week, or the reality of my grandmother slowing downnnnn.

But it's all life and if anything those mortal moments remind you to live life in the moment.

And as rough as it is to get out the bed some mornings, Im thankful for the eye crust and a desk to go sit at (one morning with my shirt on inside out.) And even though my blogging has been lax, my twitter game has come up (HarlemCharm . .the homies back home have been getting on me for that, yep Im still a Georgia Peach). I had a blast doing a Twitter With the Stars story for ESSENCE.com and looking at the celeb's pages for work (and, yeah it was fun for me).

Congrats to all the grads out there! Posting this old pic just to make me feel summer-y and will hopefully get me a trip booked . . . I twittered away when I was in PR last year:).

A little this, a little that

May 4, 2009

Sorry for the sporadic posting. Cant blame the alcohol.

Finally feeling a little more in a groove. My friend's wedding was the weekend before last and flying back in Monday and going straight to work, my week was on turbo for the rest of the days.

My roomie met the boyfriend and gave him two thumbs up (read they traded stories on my narcolepsy . .. its not my fault I get so comfortable I go to sleep on the phone:)

Thursday I went to a fashion event in Harlem hosted by a publicist buddy and chatted with Selita Ebanks and Jessica White about shoes. A few of the Harlem Heights girls were there along with Melyssa Ford. Loved her hair!

Next day we had to say farewell to fab freelancers at work and Rashida (the shoe store owner in the middle) and Nicole swung by the office for a quick hello. Good times

Old Dogs and New Tricks

May 3, 2009

Even after all the rumors, I still was surprised and so sad to hear Kelis and Nas were divorcing - as she carries their first child at seven months pregnant. I shutter to think what drove her to feel she couldnt wait another second to get out of the marriage.

I was checking out the gallery on Divorces in Hollywood, and this rap lyric by Nas caught my attention.

“Say hello to the man, goodbye to the gigolo
It was difficult for me to find a chick I want.”

I shook my head. On the surface it sounds cool to make that big of an impact that someone changes for me. But I wouldnt want being faithful to be a life change and probably some truth to the saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks. Not saying someone cant change. Its just its tougher for them to resist something that use to be so natural.

My BF (yeah, me and Sherlock are official, crazy right?) is a girlfriend type of guy. I dont mind the stories that include past girlfriends because it kinda comforting that this monogamy thing isnt new.

Its definitely not easy to find someone who "gets" you and all of your ish. So seeing such quirky people split is definitely sad. Sending all types of good energy Kelis (and Nas)'s way and all women who have been where she is.