Old Dogs and New Tricks

May 3, 2009

Even after all the rumors, I still was surprised and so sad to hear Kelis and Nas were divorcing - as she carries their first child at seven months pregnant. I shutter to think what drove her to feel she couldnt wait another second to get out of the marriage.

I was checking out the gallery on Divorces in Hollywood, and this rap lyric by Nas caught my attention.

“Say hello to the man, goodbye to the gigolo
It was difficult for me to find a chick I want.”

I shook my head. On the surface it sounds cool to make that big of an impact that someone changes for me. But I wouldnt want being faithful to be a life change and probably some truth to the saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks. Not saying someone cant change. Its just its tougher for them to resist something that use to be so natural.

My BF (yeah, me and Sherlock are official, crazy right?) is a girlfriend type of guy. I dont mind the stories that include past girlfriends because it kinda comforting that this monogamy thing isnt new.

Its definitely not easy to find someone who "gets" you and all of your ish. So seeing such quirky people split is definitely sad. Sending all types of good energy Kelis (and Nas)'s way and all women who have been where she is.


  1. awwww.sooo sweet to hear about you and the bf!

    Yeah it's crazy to hear guys say that you "changed" them into becoming real men. But when you find that good man, hang on to him! you go girl!

  1. Execumama said...:

    Ditto!!!! I heard about that and frowned a bit at the thought that two unique souls had found each other, just to let go again. I wish them both the best, and I'm definitely sending some Warrior Woman strength to the women in similar positions.