All Hail the First Lady!

April 29, 2009

Celebrating 100 days of President Obama and our fab First Lady Michelle!

This picture always has me singing Erykah Badu . . . I want somebody to walk up behind me, and kiss me on my neck, just breathe, on my neck . . .

Reading this article on CNN really put things in perspective that she is much bigger than just a friend in my head and what me and many young women aspire to be. I forget she is something new for many people. Women in India dont look up to her because she is fabulous, successful, and has a healthy relationship and family. They just are happy to see someone with darker skin and who doesnt have sons be in a position of power (women are aborting when they find out they are having daughters . . . still). That's a lot deeper, and let's me know I need to get more involved in women's rights issues.