Miss Kerri Baby

April 10, 2009

Keri Hilson.

All this time she has been out, I had no idea she was from DECATUR, GA as am I until recently. My roommate ADORES Keri and they definitely have similar styles. I loved Turning Me On and was glad to see her stepping out and doing her own thing, even if that meant a bowl haircut here and there.

All the remix hoopla with Beyonce and Ciara, who cares? Though if she is going to claim to be so down, if it wasnt them two, then just say who those verses were written for.

Anywho, with her debut album finally out I have been listening trying to find another track like Turning Me On and Energy that I can just jam to. Her Swag On remix is hot for getting ready for a night out but not what Im jamming to on the train. Then today her song "Hands and Feet" came on the ipod and I was feeling it . . .until the chorus. Its all mellow and sexy as she spots a guy she is feeling in. Then says you can tell a guy can handle his by his hands and feet - and then asks 'Where'd you get that from, your daddy?" If I am thinking about somebody in that way, I dont want there parents popping in my head or theirs . . .


  1. I'm sooo loking forward to hearing her album. I think she's talented and deserves more recognition than she's been getting (and it would be great to hear someone talented fr a change). So hopefully this album will do it for her.

  1. Re: You don't want to channel your man's 'rents when you're thinking about a man that way... true. True.

    I like Keri--she has a cute style. But I'm not so sure about the singing... I'll have to check out that remix, though... haven't heard it.

  1. 1016 said...:

    Go'on rep for your city girl! I also heart Keri and I can definitely see her and Jess being style twins. I just hope she doesn't try to do that faux-edgy thing that everyone's so keen on. She doesn't need Beyonce drama to be cool!