Sweet Treat

April 16, 2009
So earlier this week I got a text from Sherlock at work asking if my work address was the same as the magazines because someone at his job wanted to send something to the magazine.

I replied nonchalantly yes . . .
. . .inside my heart beat just a tad faster wondering if it was him trying to confirm my work address to send me something.

It was a random Tuesday, not my birthday or an anniversary, so I wasn't expecting anything special. I went on with my day and headed out to a steakhouse for a food tasting we are doing. Ok, so I did tell my co-worker about it when we were out and asked if it sounded like a ploy to get my address or if I just had watched too many romantic comedies. She patted my hand and said don't get your hopes up. I laughed out loud and agreed. On the way back in the cab he sent me a text asking how my day was going. I replied. I got upstairs and waiting on my desk was a delivery from edible arrangements. I grinned hard then didnt really know how to react since I didnt want all of my coworkers all in the bizness.

I grabbed my phone and went around the corner to call and properly thank him.

A coworker who can push my buttons was walking by and said I see hearts. I felt myself getting cold thinking she meant she could see hearts in my eyes or something. Until she pointed and I realized she was referring to the heart-shaped pineapples. Wow. Nice touch. My buddies at work came on by for some afternoon fruit.

Of course it was a challenge to get back focused, but I managed. And all my coworkers and the roomie approve of the new guy so far because of jumbo sized strawberries:) . . .


  1. omg-he definitely knows the way to a woman's heart. He's a keeper. Does he have any brothers??

  1. Sass said...:

    omg! im squealing like a little piglet over here! love it!

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    Mmm that looks good!... Sean don't do stuff like this, LOL!

  1. Nicole said...:

    That's so sweet!! Awww...the work day gets a little less long after a thoughtful surprise like that :)