Easter Weekend

April 13, 2009

Ok. So I didn't read the New York Times this weekend. I didn't do laundry. I didn't grocery shop. I didn't clean. I didn't call old or new friends.

But I feel like I had a pretty productive weekend.

I went to church. Spent time with a GREAT guy. Filed my taxes. Smiled at pretty babies.

Looking at all the kids in their Easter dresses at church, made me reflect on my old dresses from year's past. My Kindergarten teacher Ms. Prather threatened to braid up all our pretty curls if we didn't stop talking in class the Monday after Easter and I think that was the quietest her class ever was.

My pastor did an amazing sermon on the death of death that came along with Easter. Great stuff. Then lunch at Native and cupcakes and watching Dreamgirls.

Hope your Easter was a good one