Sexy Grits

April 15, 2009

Tonight I went to a new Harlem hot spot, Mojo on 119th and St. Nick and I definitely will be back again. It has excellent lighting in shades of magenta and purple that make everyone look like they are glowing, good drinks, smooth music (jazz, Al Green and Zapp & Roger all had a spin) and great presentation with tasty food. And full disclosure I went with the new guy, so awesome company may have endeared me to the place even more.

Waiting at the bar a few minutes before he got there, I scanned the menu and Sexy Grits caught my eye. I had to know what was in it and the bartender said they had cream, milk and a little sugar topped with mushrooms. Sherlock came smelling good and we sat down for dinner. All the drinks on the menu looked extra enticing and after interviewing a bartender recently I'm itching to expand my drink selection. With many cocktails being named for Harlem neighborhoods I felt it was right I rep my part of town and ordered the Sugar Hill. He got the Striver's Row (LOVE that block, gorgeous . . .and the drink is tasty with fresh lemon)

We were playing the questions game and I was deciding which sense I would give up if i had to lose one. I chose taste just as the waitress returned for our food orders. Sexy grits it was . . . and they were delicious.

Mojo definitely earns its name.

Mid-meal I laughed remembering a t-shirt I saw in Savannah a few years back.

Girls Raised In The South

Guess you really area what you eat . . . Sexy Grits on Sugar Hill:)


  1. what's that? a new grits spot? other than cafeteria? I'm so there!

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    G.R.I.T.S Love that! I was not raised in the south, but I want that shirt!

  1. Sass said...:

    I like this post :) Dying to get back to Harlem. I'm working on it though lol

  1. CJ said...:

    Yep, yall would love it! Arlice, most of us have some southern roots so you can wear the shirt as an honorary member:)

    Sass - make your way to Harlem pronto! The babysitting offer is open-ended

  1. Cosmopolitan said...:

    So I definitely went there last weekend after you spoke so highly of it and it was fabulous! The place is sexy and chic! Thanks for the heads up girl!

  1. Elle* said...:

    Perfect timing me reading this post! Me and my girls are planning on hittin' that spot up this Friday!