Hodge Podge

October 31, 2007
I been slipping on the blogging but I assure you my pimp hand is STRONG. Can I just say my mojo has been popping like the last week?? is it the full moon?

And boy did I have a good weekend! Friday night I went to dinner with Arion and some other HU alum. Good times. Here's a pic from homecoming of me and my BFF. Random yes, but I just love us and this pic.
Saturday Charanna's Spa Party (Happy Brirtday girl!!) was just what I needed and I loved every second of it. It was great to be with a group of young Black women in a spa run and owned by Black women. On the train ride back from Long Island I was calculating in my head what I need to do to get a professional massage at least once a month. My toes and nails are uber fab!
I was suppose to finish the C Day festivites but a stop at one of my roommate's friends on my way downtown found me hanging with all these beautiful people at a GORGEOUS brownstone in Harlem and the cold wind punked me and I didn't want to make the hour train trek to the lounge. Met someone to finally teach me to play the guitar- the brownstone owner, an older white-haired white guy who would also like to be my sugar daddy:)

Sunday me and my photographer buddy hit Harlem looking for more attractive Black men to pick their brains. We started with the stylish guys of Abyssinian after service. I actually started feeling like a part of congregation as I reconized and spoke to people.

That night, I FINALLY washed clothes after not getting a second in the last two weeks to do it (not cute) and now have all these clothes I forgot I had:). And then it was back to another work week. Genarlow Wilson is actually free!!! After a yelp of joy it is heavy to think of someone losing two years of their life like that. Heavy I say!

Last night I went to our 30 dates in 30 Days wrap party. Comedy! All the stuff Wendy Williams was saying on the show today was true, but you didnt hear it from me. I am sooo excited to be heading home tomorrow!!! A family friend is getting married and I am PUMPED to see my family and old friends. Thanks for all the kind notes, IMs and bathroom pats on the backs on the Masthead Ache post. Really! Hey BB and Tara:)

Today one of my all time favorite people said to me professor's Lambs name and it made me smile that two folks I adore had somehow discussed me. Humbled me. I had just faxed my fairy god mother Professor Lamb an application for a Hearst Award for this piece I did on Barack Obama and how he compares to the Black president we see in pop culture.

I know this post is everywhere, but sort of how my life is right now. Happy moments like those hot stones on my back and sad moments like hearing the unfortunate events that happened at Oprah's school (yes, I still would LOVE to work/visit/go there)

I feel sort of everywhere on this blog all of sudden. Any suggestions on focusing on anything? something you think I should talk about? Help:)

Love Me?

October 23, 2007

Click Here

So I am working hard on something at work and came across these and decided to share with you on my short lunch break. I have on my gold Steve Madden shoes that I thought I got for a good deal at Loehman's. Well, this morning as me and Pamela posted to her blog (the buddha necklaces are HOTT), she told me across from Rivington Hotel in the West Vilalge a Steve Madden sample sale is going on and you can get two pairs for $30 and she almost got these. Thought I'd share and if you're feeling extra cheerful click that link above and have them sent to 149th st. Doesn't hurt to ask, right;)?

Masthead Ache

October 22, 2007

The November issue of ESSENCE is now on sale. Get it if you want to read Usher talk about loving his wife Tameka Foster, Hillary Clinton's plan for Black America, some funky Natural Hair Styles (including one with these amazing locs that are actually weave), how Juanita Bynum and her husband's church feel about their first couple's collapsed marriage and how to make it big in real estate.

But if you are just looking for my name, you are forewarned, you won't find it there. Guess I should have posted this post earlier because after a long day at work today and trying to settle back in after being away for the weekend I got a text from one of my friends I hadn't spoken to in a while and was excited she had text me so I clicked the message. This is what it read:

"I'm upset! Why isn't your name in the essence staff box? It's not even under essence.Com"

Well, I thought. Hello to you too old friend. I almost felt like I was suppose to be upset or ashamed about her not seeing my name, but in my self assesment at 22, I feel I'm so blessed to have a job in a field I love, at a place I love, and am on track for achieving my dreams, whatever they are since they alter often, and well, I love am proud of myself. And if you love your friends and know they are working hard don't send them text messages like that on a Monday night. And if you do, at least start it with a "hey girl" or "read your article".

Stepping off the soap box,

Life Update

October 21, 2007
I'm not a groupie . . .

. . . I just got caught up in the moment:)

This is what John Kennedy told me after Jay-Z's impromptu concert at Howard last fall. It had me rolling as I replied
"Something a groupie would say."

Well tonight, I went to a fabulous benefit dinner for the MacDella Cooper Foundation.

I had a ball and met a lot of cool people though I should have networked even more.
Richard Parsons was the keynote speaker and the reason for my groupie-tude
But give me a break. This man is an icon. A LEGEND. . .

. . . So that is the post I started on Oct. 10th, one of many I have started and stopped in the last two weeks. I had a fab time and wanted to tell you all about how I spoke to Mr. Parsons again and the great convo I had. I wanted to post the next day and tell how I went to this screening of Salt N Pepa's new show and the small crowd could all vouch that the show is real as the rap legends watched and laughed with us and spoke to the crowd afterwards and were every bit the emotional and honest folks on the screen.

Then I had a bit of a breakdown Friday.

Mikel Husband passed away. I felt the serious struggle of paying for my medical insurance. Mikel Husband passed away. I'm overwhelmed with all the things I need to do.
Mikel Husband PASSED AWAY.

I took it rather hard. After my melt down, a good cry, some serious prayer and a little sleep (not rest, but sleep, there is a difference) I was still weary last saturday but as the cheesy Destiny Child song goes, I put on my happy face.

My new book club had a phenomenal first meeting, all these fab young Black woman who acually like to read, even with some very sad news coming to one of our members during the meeting. Afterwards I hit this 70s themed Birthday party with India and Omena. I see plenty of familiar HU faces. Professor Lamb shoots me an email and I know she is making sure I have heard the news of Mikel. I call her and we talked for a long time as I sat on the steps of the brownstone next door to the party. She tells me how she had been emailing him recently about meeting up and he wasnt replying quickly like his usual chipper self. She then says having no idea how sick he was she happen to google him and came across my post from Charter Day where he was the reason I got the nerve to speak to Mr.Parsons and even gave me things to say, and the whole experience and post had slipped my mind. It was so ironic I saw Parsons two days before Mikel passed, using our first meeting as a conversation starter. Made me so thankful I blogged about that amazing experience and just reinforced what a great guy Mikel Husband was.

So, no excuse for not blogging in the last week or so (And I was doing sooo good!!) I went to DC for the funeral and my first homecoming as an alum. I had so much fun with my bestest and really had a recharge I desperately needed;). Pics and post coming soon.

Sexy lady

October 7, 2007

I broke my camera this morning . . .
second time this morning I had to stretch my eyes really really wide so a tear wouldnt slip out.
All things work for the good of those who love the lord is one of my all time fav scriptures.

So me breaking my camera means I'm going to meet a cool guy when I go by another to get my brain off the ineligible guys in my life:)?

Not so much.

I was so pumped to be Marilyn (face it . . .I'm too busty for Madonna) for Zex's party. Then with my makeup all done with red lips and a fake mole I freaking nod off to sleep and wake up four hours later. I wanted to die.
I guess I was more tired than I realized hanging out with KLA.

But it's so cool to have cool friends. Which inevitably makes me cooler.

I dig that.

And I definitely dig my plans for today: Walk up to men and ask them relationship and things they like about women questions for mama E!

Wish me luck! So tell me, what do you think the sexiest part of a woman's body is?

Being Bad in Betsey

October 5, 2007

I was bad.
Betsey Johnson Sample Sale.
Four Dresses.
Count em.
One. Two. Three. Four.
A pair of black floral heels oh so Miami.
I was so bad last night.
And yes, it feels so good.

Then jetted to Hip Hop Honors screening and party.
Good Times.
I know hip hop is "in" but still feels weird when certain songs come on in a room where majority of the folks are white.
Nelly, was killing it.

Mom called. Love her.
Thought of my grandmas in South Carolina.
If I'm lucky one day I'll be a grandma. Wow.
So sinc that day will come sooner than I think, one of my ultimate pet peeves remains.
Don't waist my time.
No, that's not directed at you. Just situations that waist my time.


October 4, 2007
Nothing beats it.

deep breath. All's right in my world. The second I start to doubt that something always reminds me. This time it was some remarkable women in journalism at the 2007 JAWS retreat and some fabulous new friends. That trip I told you about? GREAT. Reminded me of the power and need of journalism and also how far women have had to fight to be taken serious in the business. As a Black woman, sometimes issues of race weigh me down so I get stuck on the Black and never make it to the issues of the woman.

Peace. Me sitting on the dock of Sturgeon Bay.

I was so inspired by these women I was motivated to write a poem and performed it at the conference's talent show. I don't consider myself a poet but was definitely loving the love they gave me. Sheryl Hillard Tucker was phenomenal as the keynote speaker. But it wasn't her speech that did it for me which was great, but the fact each time she was asked a question she took the time to really think about it and was honest and candid, instead of telling people fluff answers they might like to hear. I always love a thinker.

I had a chance to interview her a few weeks before for MPA. She has an amazing story of success and feel free to read the profile of her that posted Tuesday and let me know what ya think. For anyone interested in magazines, while you're there be sure to join magazine mentoring, a new initiative Shaunice kicked off to get girls like me who are interested in magazines linked with successful mentors! Networking is always key . . .

Which is probably why I took the finding of Nailah Franklin's body extra hard last week. I felt like I knew her or would have eventually met her with how small this world is, especially for "us." Bisi from Heart and Soul actually went to high school with Nailah and they were on the track team. And it wasn't just that. Wednesday we got pictures in from her sister as they continued there organized search and said they knew in their hearts she was alive. I cropped and built our photo gallery with her pics. So Thursday morning when CNN says they found a body and were waiting on word if it was her my heart dropped expecting to hear the worst but praying for the best. Once the dreadful news was confirmed I was defeated and wondering what do I do with this gallery saying help find her. That moment made life, death and journalism all to real to me as I changed the captions to update the new news. Sitting in Chicago at my layover Friday she was heavy on my heart. But from all accounts she lived an amazing life and I pray for her restful peace and her family finds peace in the tragic lost.


My peace was seriously disturbed Tuesday night with Konvict's Ray Lavender humping across the stage talking bout hitting it from the back and every side, and his "girl got a girlfriend" hit being the mildest of his lyrics. All I could think was what would my new feminist friends think. It was cool though to see Gabrielle Union, Terrance Howard, Bob Johnson, Irv Gotti and my new stalker Diddy:) in the crowd.

Tonight I hit Z's surprise bday happy hour and me and Tola were suppose to keep heading to YBF's party like my boss asked but we didn't make it:(. I put on my FB wall I felt like myself again earlier this week and seeing Z and J reminded me of last summers fun! All I need is Deja Vu on the radio and a soco lime shot:) Saturday Z's having a costume party and at the lounge everybody was talking about costumes. On the train ride home I was racking my brain for ideas and got the urge to do Madonna. Now all I need is a cone bra and a cabbage patch doll to be my Malawian baby. Ha.