Hodge Podge

October 31, 2007
I been slipping on the blogging but I assure you my pimp hand is STRONG. Can I just say my mojo has been popping like the last week?? is it the full moon?

And boy did I have a good weekend! Friday night I went to dinner with Arion and some other HU alum. Good times. Here's a pic from homecoming of me and my BFF. Random yes, but I just love us and this pic.
Saturday Charanna's Spa Party (Happy Brirtday girl!!) was just what I needed and I loved every second of it. It was great to be with a group of young Black women in a spa run and owned by Black women. On the train ride back from Long Island I was calculating in my head what I need to do to get a professional massage at least once a month. My toes and nails are uber fab!
I was suppose to finish the C Day festivites but a stop at one of my roommate's friends on my way downtown found me hanging with all these beautiful people at a GORGEOUS brownstone in Harlem and the cold wind punked me and I didn't want to make the hour train trek to the lounge. Met someone to finally teach me to play the guitar- the brownstone owner, an older white-haired white guy who would also like to be my sugar daddy:)

Sunday me and my photographer buddy hit Harlem looking for more attractive Black men to pick their brains. We started with the stylish guys of Abyssinian after service. I actually started feeling like a part of congregation as I reconized and spoke to people.

That night, I FINALLY washed clothes after not getting a second in the last two weeks to do it (not cute) and now have all these clothes I forgot I had:). And then it was back to another work week. Genarlow Wilson is actually free!!! After a yelp of joy it is heavy to think of someone losing two years of their life like that. Heavy I say!

Last night I went to our 30 dates in 30 Days wrap party. Comedy! All the stuff Wendy Williams was saying on the show today was true, but you didnt hear it from me. I am sooo excited to be heading home tomorrow!!! A family friend is getting married and I am PUMPED to see my family and old friends. Thanks for all the kind notes, IMs and bathroom pats on the backs on the Masthead Ache post. Really! Hey BB and Tara:)

Today one of my all time favorite people said to me professor's Lambs name and it made me smile that two folks I adore had somehow discussed me. Humbled me. I had just faxed my fairy god mother Professor Lamb an application for a Hearst Award for this piece I did on Barack Obama and how he compares to the Black president we see in pop culture.

I know this post is everywhere, but sort of how my life is right now. Happy moments like those hot stones on my back and sad moments like hearing the unfortunate events that happened at Oprah's school (yes, I still would LOVE to work/visit/go there)

I feel sort of everywhere on this blog all of sudden. Any suggestions on focusing on anything? something you think I should talk about? Help:)


  1. Cosmopolitan said...:

    Thanks for coming out on saturday. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. We must do it again... I think I'm hooked:)

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    well... to focus you can blog more (lol) and make your posts singularly about one topic and flesh each one out. that way it feels more organized. you look GORGEOUS in that pic... except for the shirt. :) can you imagine losing 2 YEARS of your life? insanity. i wanna know what wendy was saying. i know it was hilarious.

  1. Mikayla said...:

    what did wendy say!!! please do a post....I watched the "30 dates" show faithfully! Was it true did Luther really have a gf already? And is Michelle & Jumaane sooooo cute...i hear wedding bells! And ya know the twins that went out with Jahmeliah....they are so cool! I go to Khalid's sneaker shop all the time! Love them!

    Love you blog....you are truly living the GOOD life. :)

  1. Whitney said...:

    The pic was random, yes, but the tee is sooo cute you could throw that pic in any blog post and no one would be mad :)