You ain't here it from me:)

November 3, 2007

You know I'm so humbled folks read the blog, so if you are so kind to come I better give ya what you are asking for. And Ive made a vow to post daily so come on back, ya hear. (and yes, that southern slang just gave me a flashback to when my mom would watch Beverly Hill Billies and me and my brother would do this hoe down in the middle of the den to the theme song:)

But back to the mandate for a lil juice on the 30 dates party. You know I'm conflicted on blogging on things work related so I wont just put it out there. You read the bachelorettes blogs so you know drama that goes down and I'm not sharing anything that isnt already public knowledge.

Well, I walk into the party with my editors just in time, right before the toast is made. First thing I notice is *Lay has brought a date. She is gorgeous with a cropped close hair cut and is hanging close so there is no doubt they are "together."

Hmmm, by later that night he is by bachelorette #1's side, who is being followed around by the controversial bachelor who was voted to get the second date and who is unfortunately not as cute as the screen let on.

Bachelorette #4 is with her match who we all say she better marry. She is def living the good life and enjoying the bubbly that is merrily being tossed around, as is most of the crowd including yours truly. By night's end she is laid out on the couch sleeping it off as her guy attentively cares for her.

The Siren is there with her guy L and they are cute together, even if he is a lil shorter. Hand holding, back embracing. Me and my editor/big sis talk to him for a second before leaving. He's a cutie up close and his drink is talking and telling all about how he does care for Bachelorette #3 and he was hoping whoever the online hater was to show up. Cyber drama is real.

But in all honesty, that party reminded me let's not marry any of these folks off after a date or two. The Romantic looks great and working the crowd and so is bachelorette #2 who still got it and was getting her dance on a little.

Being there got me reminiscing. Turns out I'm not the only one who's had a fab date in Baltimore! Check out Glo's and her shout out to Gary. Don't sleep on that harbor:) So I'm off to breakfast and prepping for the wedding that starts at 3pm. And dont tell my mom, but Im also going to buy a dress because I didnt really feel I had one I wanted to wear. I know, I know . . .
I absolutey love weddings so I need more folks to do it soon:)
And thanks for the advice Jameil: shorter posts, more often. Got it!!


  1. Mikayla said...:

    Thanks Queen for the recap. It seems like it was an interesting yet fun night! And yes cyber is real indeed....the "talk about the show" forum got a little out of hand. All in all, it was a great feature done by my FAV mag of all time. I hope you guys continue it! Queen...good luck with everything.

  1. shara said...:

    glad to see you're doing the daily thing. i'll be reading. :)

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    you're welcome! weddings are so fab! pics please! if nothing else, then show us your dress! i know it was gorge.