Who ever said life was fair?

November 15, 2007

This is Sean Bell and his daughter Jada after her swimming lesson. He went out with his boys the night before his wedding and you know the rest of that story. A good Black man marrying the mother of his children. Any innocent man being gunned down is a devastation but the early morning hours of your wedding day?
I was looking at pictures of him for an assignment and this picture just froze me. When will it end? Tuesday night I went to a screening of "The Great Debaters," a Oprah-produced film starring Denzel at an HBCU in Texas in the 30s. In one scene the debaters and Denzel roll up on a Black man being lynched.
The movie was a must-see, great wardrobe, acting and cinematography. But it also filled me with melancholy of how blessed we are to live in this era, when these people fought so I could laugh at Midget Mac.
But the 'whew' that you would think 75 years later doesn't come like I thought. Not when Sean Bell is a victim of a modern day lynching.
The movie talks about Willie Lynch and reminded me of the power of the words that his name is locked in history for the devastation he caused - and also the power of one, and in this instance one who used his power for some serious evil.
Jada Bell doesn't have her dad to hug after swimming lessons anymore. I am the queen of shielding myself from the tough facts but this is one I can't hide from.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    :( that is such a beautiful pic. you know nyc police got one carrying a HAIRBRUSH this time. RIDICULOUS!!!!

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    i can't wait to see that movie (the great debaters)