Sunday Kind of Love

November 13, 2007
My fave Etta James song. And what women who seem to "have it all" have stumbled upon. I should be making final edits on an assignment that is past due but I'm up goofing off as I battle writer's block, just got finished watching Oprah and now am watching a 'Real Life Divas' profile on Lisa Price. Love her! If me and Whit thought hearing her talk was inspiring and how her husband was a major part of it, listening to this man talk about his wife, definitely was on a whole nother level. It was beautiful.
That's what I need in my life . . .one day.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    i'd never heard of it until la talked about it. and i was with the ex less than a month after he became the ex so it just made me extra melancholy. and now it will remind me of that time. so i think my 2nd time hearing it will be quite a while from now.

    on a brighter note. WE WILL HAVE THAT!! WOOOOOOOO!! claimin it!

  1. La said...:

    ohmigod... didn't you just FEEL how much he loved her with every syllable? *simultaneous happiness for her and jealousy*

    I so adore that song. It's such a perfect encantation of what love could be. There have been certain times when it has made me pretty melancholy too... but mostly it just makes me hopeful that you know, maybe its out there. The possibility is really all you need.