Still Wallowing

November 6, 2007

I still feel like my tail is between my legs or however that saying goes when you feel like crap for something you did (or in my case didn't do).
But as India Arie belted out, the only thing constant in the world is change.
Or as my mom the coolest Sunday school teacher ever would say, "this too shall pass".
Nothing reminded me of that more than when my Christmas songs came on the ipod today.

First time in about 11 months I didn't shake my head at my out of season carols. I love Christmas time and adore Christmas songs! And I let Gladys Knight's "Do You Hear What I Hear?" and Destin'y Child Christmas song go right along and play. Sidebar - my dad's new lady friend looks like Gladys he says. Get em pops:)

Just continuing with the random pics this week. When I get sad or need grounding I always turn to old pictures because I thank God for a great childhood. This one is me and my bro circa 1988. I've always been a tea drinker it seems:)


  1. Paula D. said...:

    Love the pic! Adorable!

    Girl, I can only do the Christmas songs around the holidays. When I go home to visit my mama has them blaring non-stop!

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    stop beating yourself up. is it helping you achieve anything? getting you further in your career? love life? no? then let it go. you have lots of years to recover from whatever you did that i'm sure was not that bad.