Thankful Day

November 25, 2007
So I needed Thanksgiving bad this year. Real bad.It was great to see all my family and my busy body (and LOUD) mom. I flew to Atlanta then drove to my mom's mom in South Carolina with my brother and his girlfriend. Yep, he brought Crystal to meet the family. And my cousin and her boyfriend drove from NY. 
We getting old! When did we start bringing significant others to Thanksgiving? I almost felt I should have brought a date
*These pics I all stole from from my cousin Aisha from facebook

My cuz drove his CAB to Thanksgiving dinner! We were on the floor! It ain't a holiday if the family doesnt electric slide . .. as you can see I couldnt stop laughing. And next was Cha Cha but I just couldnt show how low i can go with grandma watching . . .
and, Im from Atlanta so you know we can go low.

Friday we went to Augusta (the closest "big" city in the area:). Got me a cute cover for my new mac book. Riding back we saw these cotton fields and had to stop. We were mesm
erized and full of weird emotions. I took all serious pics respecting the history of folks who look like me and cotton. Then I had to laugh thinking of the fashionistas I know (Kish . . . the lovely teacakes . . . Z . . .) and there closets full of cotton. Whoever said progress was a slow process wasnt talking about us. Hope you guys had a great holiday!! 


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    Very color purple in the cotton field. THAT is a black thxgiving!! hallelujah for the food!