Hammertime on her Toes

November 7, 2007

That line from Boomerang popped in my head while I was sitting in the dentist chair this afternoon.
Can I just say I love my dentist office? It's on 45th st and so New York with beautiful marble floor and romantic granite statues throughout the place.
Some smooth soulful music was playing the whole time I was being worked on with my dentist humming along, a Irish band with a guy named Damien. My dentist is so cute and cool. She can flip from dental and medical jargon to complimenting my sweater in lightning speed.
But back to why hammertime toes popped in my head.
I felt my imperfection.
Well, after she numbs me up, she begins my root canal that was started last spring back at my alma mater's (I love saying that word now:) and is drilling. I begin to smell this funky smell. I think it's just the combination of the drill, the metal and the plastic on my top lip. Well, she then tells me I received some less than stellar dental work that didn't take out all the tissue in my tooth so what I'm smelling is decayed tissue that was left in my tooth which was then given a filling, so now after taking out the fillling there is a little gangrene she has to drill out. Gasp.
Not sexy at all.
She cleans out the tooth and I have to go back next week for her to complete the procedure and am on antibiotics till then.

After that I ran over to a screening of Dirty Laundry, this movie with Loretta Divine, Lavetta Alize from the Steve Harvey show (can I just say I love his morning show), the guy who played the husband and family man with the kids on Soul Food, Sommore, bobby jones from BET gospel and the ultimate scene stealer Will's aunt from Fresh Prince who is always funny. I love Loretta!!
The movie struck a sore nerve seeing someone who lives and works in magazines in new york go home to Georgia to visit. I have been going through my own moment these last few days.
New York is indeed the center of the world
But Atlanta has always been the center of mine till now.

See ya,

*and for the record I don't have hammertime on my toes . . .


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    i was worried about the toes fam!! that is TERRIBLE on the dental work. not cool. that's hot that you don't have an angry disposition toward dentists despite your work.

  1. crystal! said...:

    i (heart) you and your un-hammertime toes...

  1. the joy said...:

    I'm cracking up at the fact that you don't know anyone's name, but we know just who you are talking about.

    Ick about the gangrene. Glad they got that solved.