Drinks on Dwele etc . . .

November 12, 2007
So yeah, tooth decay isn't the sexiest thing to post about. Just hope a certain someone doesn't read the blog. Well, after a rough week I felt things were coming back together. Thursday night I was able to go to a show with Dwele and took my book club buddy Eniola along (she just happen to find Teacakes when searching for a book club on facebook . . . sexy right?) I beelined to the bar when we made it and wouldnt you know it was an OPEN BAR. Feeling drained that two of my friends, well are saying things you wouldnt want a friend to say, I could really use a drink.
I got a reality check of how small my problems are when a producer came up and started talking and then shared how his girl for over a decade was killed a few weeks ago in a robbery.
Anywho, Dwele was great. His band was on it. I even forgave him for not doing my beloved "Flapjacks":)
Friday I was reminded again of my imperfections: I'm a sleepaholic. After my texas size drink with my shoot, waiting for the check, I start to nod off to sleep at the table. What can I say? I was tired . . .
Saturday was low key as me and Arion hung out, went to a NCNW meeting and grabbed some Make My Cake. I hit the gym and felt the burn.
Sunday I got up and was pumped to hit my first gym class: cardio kickboxing.
It was as intense as it sounds and all these in shape New Yorkers intimidated the hell out of me. And if you promise not to tell I will admit I was the worst in the class. lol. But that means I can only get better!!! They haven't seen the last of me.
With sore muscles, I made it to Abyssinian and had a flashback of the line at 2K9 for LaTex with everybody waiting outside. It was the church anniversary and the first service ran long making a crowd and ushers walking up to anyone who wasnt Black saying "no visitors today." The crowd lets out and Gordon, former NAACP prez walks by. Last time I was here it was Fonsworth. The service is amazing with a great sermon on "Hallelujah Any How," just what I needed to hear.
The service ended with a reminder just for me on why NY is so freaking grand. Up comes Ashford and Simpson to sing with the choir a special church anniversary song they wrote for this occasion. They are jamming to this song "Be Blessed." I love my church in Atlanta but celebs just dont roll in to sing for our anniversary. And you know Nick was shaking that hair;)

On a serious note, wasn't news of Donda, Kanye's mom death really sad? And the fact that is was so unnecessary that much more heartbreaking?


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    soooooo sad. Make My Cake?? please explain. hurray for tex drinks! not kickin people out of church! hilarious.

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    i wrote a long comment and it was eaten by blogger. so I quit. but YAY for the gym. kick butt girl