Been a long time

March 30, 2009

Queen to be, means on you're on your way to even greater heights!

So I am trying to hone in the blog to share lessons I am learning on this ride.

Sorry for the break in post.

Note to self: Dont book flights that leave right after work on Friday and Fly right into work Monday morning or you will feel like a 12 day work week.

But I can't complain at all. The bridal shower was a big hit and that southern upbringing came in handy as I ran around and kept the party going with our games and fun times. Got back and work has been great.Posted interviews with Tamera Mowry, and caught up with Dwight again from the Atlanta Housewives and got his Etiquette tips. That man can TALK and I was just loving every second (though wish he still used "dreadful":)

So I also have been hanging out with this really funny and cute and smart guy I met a few years back and popped back unexpectedly, thanks to his maneuvering friend. We shall see . . . Friday we had dinner at his favorite spot then hung out in the Village some. Saturday I helped out printing at church then book club meeting with my beloved Teacakes. We discussed the book "Naked" and of course menfolk and Steve Harvey and Denene's book. I then worked some on the side hustles (trying to be a grownup).

Saturday I headed down to the Cover to Cover conference at Howard. After four years of that group being my baby while at school and the conference her recital, it was great to return and just be a guest. I reconnected with Kellie, a fab makeup artisit and beauty blogger. While talking it clicks that I had met before, when she was helping out with registration's at ESSENCE's Young Women Leadersjip Conference in DC and I remember telling her how great her makeup was.

* through all the many paths people take to the top, they all have a few common characteristics: risk-takers, hard workers, confidence in self, creativity
* network, network (that doesn't mean you have to be BFF with everyone, but leave the room with atleast one card, I took that advice last week and am getting a free salon treatment Thursday because of it!)*stay in touch - when you do make that contact, check in every now and then, and not just when you need something (that picture is me Ari and Whitney on the end, with Kellie and the rest of my C2C people)

I didn't realize there are two Busboys and Poets in DC now and totally missed my BFF before we had to head out:(. But I did walk right past Kellie Williams, also known as Laura Winslow on Family Matters at the one at U st. I had just interviewed her and stopped her and we both pretty excited to randomly meet in person. She is such good people, and reminds you people are just people, fabulous and all. We went through downtown to check the Cherry Blossoms. Gorgeous and cool kites flying high!

Me, Ari and Shani stopped in Bmore to see a friend who just joined a Business Sorority and had dinner on the harbor
 which was great. I still have to read Steve's book! I've been reading Pearl Cleage's latest lately and I LOVE me some her. Off to the gym, bridesmaids dress awaits . . .

Hailing a Snaxi

March 18, 2009

Being a bad girl, I head downstairs for a vending machine snack. Out the window I spot a cab jetting by with one of those new Snickers ads. This one said "Snaxi" and I literally laughed out loud for being caught in the act. Love that ad!! And I ended up with no Snaxi as my twizzlers got caught in the machine. Definitely a sign . . . lol

The Coolness

March 15, 2009
I ended up at Settepani in Harlem today with my future book editor Rakia. She's so fab, (and you might have seen her on the cover of USA Today on Friday:). We first went to a psedo art opening inside the Adam Clayton Powell building on 125th before grabbing some hot beverages. I was wrong on my Harlem Heights critique that the place only sold baked goods and not brunch. They had a full menu, and good tea, which I guess will have to be my new spot since Harlem Tea Room closed. Tear.

At brunch I was sucking up Rakia's good entreprenurial vibes. She has flown to higher heights since being laid off and her own enterprise of editing books is flourshing (hit her up if you need an editor:). We first met last year at Belle's Legends to Be Ball that was so fly. She knew I was from Decatur and we went to the same high school, so it was like finding a new big sister. She's also giving online dating a try and has met some cuties with potential so I was exited to hear! That's her at her 30th bday picnic in Central Park back in the fall. Im back there cheesing before we got our butts spanked in Spades by my cousin. Argh.

After we left I hit up Carol's Daughter and went with their body oil in Almond Cookie which is great for a massage according to the cutie who is usually there when I go. So with that and a nightie in her wedding color of baby blue I think I am good for a shower gift.

I guess girl power was in full affect for the whole weekend, starting with a great time Friday to celebrate Shani's birthday with delicious and budget-friendly thai on the LES (that's me and the Cosmo Crazy Channy, Update!:). We gabbed on Steve Harvey's book and the validity of his tips for much of the night. And Ari and her bf Steven are just hilarious. Saturday morning me and Ari hit up the NCNW meeting at Abysinnian. Black truly doesn't crack as these ladies age in style. Afterwards I took full advantage of my buddy having a car and before she could blink had picked up a TV stand and bar chairs. I also finally got the Michelle Obama Vogue and was excited to get it from Hueman bookstore on 125th. That place is like a gold mine. Black womanhood. Oh yes.

Here I Stand

March 14, 2009
Say what you want about Usher, but everytime I hear "Here I Stand" it gives me pause. That song is so beautiful. Acknowledging people change, move away and the love will be right here (yes, in my head I hear Michael Jackson howling on the SWV song . . .lol) is kinda, well, deep.

This week a story of mine posted with an interview of Dr. Sharon Malone, who happens to be married to Attorney General Eric Holder. And I just loved her for her realness and humility. Yes First Lady Michelle Obama is an amazing example of the Ne-Yo's Miss Independent, but the real beauty is that she is one of so many more.

Dr. Malone met her hubby when she was 30 and he was 38. She was a medical resident after finishing Columbia's med school. Even after Attorney General Holder was sworn in the first time under Clinton she never thought of stopping or slowing her career as she was on track to be a partner at her medical office, which she now is. She got her own, proud of it and still a supportive spouse.

And of course in true six degrees form, I had dinner this week with a few of my magazine buddies and the good gynecoloist is the old doctor of my buddy J at Marie Claire. When Dr. Malone shoots me a sweet email to say she thought the article was good I mention my buddy and she says she had just seen her mom that morning. Truth is always stranger than fiction

So, yeah, here they stand. The success of my community is a direct result of the success of the Black family. So it's so exciting to see great families built from couples that say I hope it's not to hard to belive, but baby you're the only for me . . .

Week Wrap Up

March 13, 2009

Its been a great week. I know Im young, but still old enough to be older to some I guess. I met Carrie*, A senior in college when she was interning at Vibe last summer and working the door at the Chrisette Michelle event. My name had gotten off the list but she remembered me from the MPA conference. We'd been emailing every since and she was in town and dropped by the office. I saw me in her bright eyes as she counts down to graduation and gave me some energy. Also did the radio appearance for Teen Diaries which was tons of fun.
Today I've been rather productive. been checking out some new music including Foreign Exchange and Idris Elba's song, which i like . . .that man's is so scrumptious and that accent is something serious

Also, after pushing Online Dating on all my friends lately I am trying to practice what I preach and signed up for Plentyoffish.com, and already have gotten plenty of responses from cute and sensible guys. Who knew?

Caught up with the BFF today. She is the reason why I try to minimize contact with friends during work hours. I literally am laughing out loud whenever we talk for five minutes. Seems my parent isnt the only one dating as her mom gets her groove back and her guy is already making a serious move. her bday is in June and he has already made plans, leaving my girls plans a bust for mom's bday . . .and my dad's lady friend is coming to NY next week with her 22 year old twins and he wants me to meet them all . . .sigh. Well, this week flew by. Had dinner at Philippe's, Mr. Chow's NY restaurant, on business and we kept looking at the other Black patrons, two guys trying to see their deal. Turned out one was Nick Cannon. lol.

Now Im heading downton to a surprise bday dinner of one of my college buddies. Any suggestions on what to get my buddy this weekend for her bridal shower next week? I wanted something sexy, but don't want her to open up handcuffs or this new guide to going down with both our moms sitting by. hmm . . .

Harlem on 22nd St

March 10, 2009

So tonight, my buddy from high school Jasmine hits me up to come to an event. I was suppose to be going to a screening for work but that ended up being a bust when me and one of my coworkers arrived, so after another session at the office I headed uptown.

She texts again.

Ready to shed my winter cocoon I tell her yes. She says it's at Catch 22nd between 5th and 6th on 22nd St. Im like, oh thats right near this spot that is cool on Thursday nights - free and a massages upstairs:) We meet up and round the corner, and of course it's the same spot. We head inside and turns out its the viewing party for this week's episode of "Harlem Heights" - hosted by FAMU alumni chapter. I feel like Im transported right back to the days of HU. EBP overload in their fly girl finest. Living in Harlem, I know Im biased on the show since I just love seeing places where you hang out, and Im definitely willing to give a show on young Black professionals a chance - though I definitely can do without all that cattiness.

I see the future politician and the cute bald one from the show. And all the girls are there, and they really are all friends it seems. Of course I speak to some Howard folks (we really are roaches) and one of our former photo interns who is the camera man for the night. There were plenty of guys out, though quantity doesn't always mean quality . . .The producer from the show is cool as he works the crowd and makes sure we are having a good time.After some girl talk, its time for the show to come on. Some are getting antsy as there are sound difficulties through the first half. Then they finally get it going for the last ten minutes. i felt extra bad for the guy Brooke went on a date with as he's standing there and she belts out she would never do a second date. Ouch. I just look around and try and spot her reaction, with the guy standing in the same room. And guess she squashed beef with the other girl, as they walked out together.

I was so excited as we were leaving to see one of my friends from high school and college, who is doing his thing in med school (delivered his first baby, how cool) Go Phil!

Fab Fridays

March 6, 2009
Today was awesome!

I was featured in a "I want her JOB" feature on Teen Diaries Online - and also going to be on their radio show next Thursday. (Don't tell them Im not really that cool)

And though my cough still sounded like hot death, I felt a whole lot better after having to skip on a fab event one of my mentors was hosting and high tail it home the night before.

And though journalism doesn't have the highest salaries, the perks are oh so cool sometimes. Sometimes its as simple as the bosses offering lunch from BBQs for the staff on the first Friday of March like today or later in the afternoon popping into a meeting with our online fashion editor as she met with Kwame from Apprentice who has his own tie line, Krimson. He had plenty of samples and each is named and inspired for a different city. The Harlem tie was kinda fly (see pic), and the Atlanta one was so southern and straight laced, with red and blue, which I thought was perfect to include the colors of Coke and Delta, but hubs in the city, though not sure if that was intentional. Now, the Charlotte tie was a bity wacky to me with green and flowers, but the good people of Charlotte, his hometown, seem to love it. And I didn't realize he was a Kappa but his pride was definitely shining through, and turns out both of his parents are HU alum.

Then the day ends with the relationship editor D setting out books and uhm items she has gotten in for uhm love and adult fun. I went to check out the items just for research for potential stories and there is no experience like the ladies in a pack sifting through books and goodies on the bedroom and beyond. Comedy!I did scoop up this Sex Check Book that was just too cute with IOUs and UOMEs that we had written about in the Spice Jar

While riding the train and blowing my nose this week, I'm also reading this book with a professional, brown and curvy girl meeting this guy from St. Croix at work and having to end up going to his homeland as his accountant to help get his profitable music business in order. Yes, I was already itching for an island getaway, and felt this was a sign . . .no? Let's see what the universe has in store . . .

My daughter . . .

March 5, 2009

Isn't she beautiful?

Just celebrated her 6 birthday . . .
in the hospital. Because she was recently diagnosed with a tough strand of leukemia. No she's not really my daughter, but reading her story I felt pulled to her. A little girl who we have the chance to save, by simply getting tested if our bone marrow matches. She was adopted as a child and has been taking her chemo like a champ.

I can only imagine what her mom and other family are going through watching her little body fight this deadly disease. That's why the chance to actually do something and save her is so special. They only swab your mouth which is awesome news. When I was diagnosed with cancer, they had to do this test where they check your bone to see if cancer has started forming there. By far the most painful 20 minutes of my whole life as they hold you down and stick a needle all the way into your bone on your back, with the strict instructions not to move, unless you want to be paralyzed. See, a swab doesn't sound so bad? This little girl is so brave and Yes We Can save her. I'm going Saturday, and if you are in NYC I hope you come too!!

Jasmina's donor drive will be held Saturday at Public School 41 (116 W. 11th St.) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, contact DKMS, a nonpprofit marrow donor center: (866)-340-3567.

Weddings, Winter and What Not

March 3, 2009
So I flew to Atlanta Friday nigh and seems I picked the perfect weekend. I originally booked for a bridesmaids meeting for the wedding in April. Then realized it was the same day as the wedding of one of my childhood friends. And talking to a publicist in Atlanta, I mentioned I would be in town and got invited to speak on a panel and hit up LeBron James's party. So yeah, the weekend was full and fabulous! Well, outside of being snowed there an extra day with my flight cancelled and coming back with a serious head cold. . .

The wedding was SO cute and the first ever to be at New Birth in Atlanta. It was one of my church friends so all the folks who dont even go to the church anymore came out. They're all mamas and wives now, so my eyes were extra big to see how much has changed, and the longer you talk, you realize how little has changed. My friend is the church drummer and his new wife cooridnates dance so there was plenty of creativity and art in the ceremony. They had African dancersperform and when she came down the aisle Three ladies in African garb sprinkled petals for her straight out of Coming to America. And the song playing was "That's My Dream" from 'Dreamgirls' - which the bride and groom had pre-recorded singing themselves;)

And Bishop Eddie Long made me realize how serious marriage is - and the importance of making sure it is the right person. Love is patient and kind!

And then it was time for the reception . . .
they got down! Mid conversation with my old Sunday School teacher I jet off because Cupid Shuffle starts playing and it was time to move. . .
to get the women out for the bouquet toss they play "Single Ladies." It is coming straight for me and I freeze. Luckily a few of the other ladies aren't so startled by marriage and quickly grab for it.

That morning I had stopped by old hairdressers ( I already had told her I had decided I wanted a perm again for the minimal maintence), then my little sis came along as I joined a media panel during a great PR Workshop hosted by the fab Garner Circle (they are so cool). Sitting in a room of young Black media professionals gave me a nice boost of energy and humbled me.

That Sunday we drove to South Carolina so I could see my grandmom and hurried back, thinking I was flying out. Well, the white snow that blanketed the highways made for other plans. I couldnt get out until after 6 so missed the the Harlem Heights premiere at the Apollo. But I did catch the show. I liked it. Of course it's really scripted, no place you go to is ever as empty as it is for the cast, and the cattiness is so extra (honestly people are too busy trying to make it to worry about what someone is wearing to their own bday party, grow up) . But it was just fun to know and have been to all the places featured. Guess I get out more than I give myself credit for . . .