Fab Fridays

March 6, 2009
Today was awesome!

I was featured in a "I want her JOB" feature on Teen Diaries Online - and also going to be on their radio show next Thursday. (Don't tell them Im not really that cool)

And though my cough still sounded like hot death, I felt a whole lot better after having to skip on a fab event one of my mentors was hosting and high tail it home the night before.

And though journalism doesn't have the highest salaries, the perks are oh so cool sometimes. Sometimes its as simple as the bosses offering lunch from BBQs for the staff on the first Friday of March like today or later in the afternoon popping into a meeting with our online fashion editor as she met with Kwame from Apprentice who has his own tie line, Krimson. He had plenty of samples and each is named and inspired for a different city. The Harlem tie was kinda fly (see pic), and the Atlanta one was so southern and straight laced, with red and blue, which I thought was perfect to include the colors of Coke and Delta, but hubs in the city, though not sure if that was intentional. Now, the Charlotte tie was a bity wacky to me with green and flowers, but the good people of Charlotte, his hometown, seem to love it. And I didn't realize he was a Kappa but his pride was definitely shining through, and turns out both of his parents are HU alum.

Then the day ends with the relationship editor D setting out books and uhm items she has gotten in for uhm love and adult fun. I went to check out the items just for research for potential stories and there is no experience like the ladies in a pack sifting through books and goodies on the bedroom and beyond. Comedy!I did scoop up this Sex Check Book that was just too cute with IOUs and UOMEs that we had written about in the Spice Jar

While riding the train and blowing my nose this week, I'm also reading this book with a professional, brown and curvy girl meeting this guy from St. Croix at work and having to end up going to his homeland as his accountant to help get his profitable music business in order. Yes, I was already itching for an island getaway, and felt this was a sign . . .no? Let's see what the universe has in store . . .


  1. CF said...:

    moving on up! you go girl!

  1. BigCNYC said...:

    Continue moving on up chica... and yeah our salaries suck but at least we have them.

  1. 1016 said...:

    Congrats! Shhh, don't tell anyone but I read Teen Diaries online from time to time. They have good interviews! LOL.

  1. Elle* said...:

    Woot Woot! Congrats, Charreah!