The Coolness

March 15, 2009
I ended up at Settepani in Harlem today with my future book editor Rakia. She's so fab, (and you might have seen her on the cover of USA Today on Friday:). We first went to a psedo art opening inside the Adam Clayton Powell building on 125th before grabbing some hot beverages. I was wrong on my Harlem Heights critique that the place only sold baked goods and not brunch. They had a full menu, and good tea, which I guess will have to be my new spot since Harlem Tea Room closed. Tear.

At brunch I was sucking up Rakia's good entreprenurial vibes. She has flown to higher heights since being laid off and her own enterprise of editing books is flourshing (hit her up if you need an editor:). We first met last year at Belle's Legends to Be Ball that was so fly. She knew I was from Decatur and we went to the same high school, so it was like finding a new big sister. She's also giving online dating a try and has met some cuties with potential so I was exited to hear! That's her at her 30th bday picnic in Central Park back in the fall. Im back there cheesing before we got our butts spanked in Spades by my cousin. Argh.

After we left I hit up Carol's Daughter and went with their body oil in Almond Cookie which is great for a massage according to the cutie who is usually there when I go. So with that and a nightie in her wedding color of baby blue I think I am good for a shower gift.

I guess girl power was in full affect for the whole weekend, starting with a great time Friday to celebrate Shani's birthday with delicious and budget-friendly thai on the LES (that's me and the Cosmo Crazy Channy, Update!:). We gabbed on Steve Harvey's book and the validity of his tips for much of the night. And Ari and her bf Steven are just hilarious. Saturday morning me and Ari hit up the NCNW meeting at Abysinnian. Black truly doesn't crack as these ladies age in style. Afterwards I took full advantage of my buddy having a car and before she could blink had picked up a TV stand and bar chairs. I also finally got the Michelle Obama Vogue and was excited to get it from Hueman bookstore on 125th. That place is like a gold mine. Black womanhood. Oh yes.


  1. sierra said...:

    You and that Almond Cookie

  1. CJ said...:

    lol. I branched out to Sotto but Im back! If it aint broke . . .

  1. Elle* said...:

    *gasp* Not the tea room!