Been a long time

March 30, 2009

Queen to be, means on you're on your way to even greater heights!

So I am trying to hone in the blog to share lessons I am learning on this ride.

Sorry for the break in post.

Note to self: Dont book flights that leave right after work on Friday and Fly right into work Monday morning or you will feel like a 12 day work week.

But I can't complain at all. The bridal shower was a big hit and that southern upbringing came in handy as I ran around and kept the party going with our games and fun times. Got back and work has been great.Posted interviews with Tamera Mowry, and caught up with Dwight again from the Atlanta Housewives and got his Etiquette tips. That man can TALK and I was just loving every second (though wish he still used "dreadful":)

So I also have been hanging out with this really funny and cute and smart guy I met a few years back and popped back unexpectedly, thanks to his maneuvering friend. We shall see . . . Friday we had dinner at his favorite spot then hung out in the Village some. Saturday I helped out printing at church then book club meeting with my beloved Teacakes. We discussed the book "Naked" and of course menfolk and Steve Harvey and Denene's book. I then worked some on the side hustles (trying to be a grownup).

Saturday I headed down to the Cover to Cover conference at Howard. After four years of that group being my baby while at school and the conference her recital, it was great to return and just be a guest. I reconnected with Kellie, a fab makeup artisit and beauty blogger. While talking it clicks that I had met before, when she was helping out with registration's at ESSENCE's Young Women Leadersjip Conference in DC and I remember telling her how great her makeup was.

* through all the many paths people take to the top, they all have a few common characteristics: risk-takers, hard workers, confidence in self, creativity
* network, network (that doesn't mean you have to be BFF with everyone, but leave the room with atleast one card, I took that advice last week and am getting a free salon treatment Thursday because of it!)*stay in touch - when you do make that contact, check in every now and then, and not just when you need something (that picture is me Ari and Whitney on the end, with Kellie and the rest of my C2C people)

I didn't realize there are two Busboys and Poets in DC now and totally missed my BFF before we had to head out:(. But I did walk right past Kellie Williams, also known as Laura Winslow on Family Matters at the one at U st. I had just interviewed her and stopped her and we both pretty excited to randomly meet in person. She is such good people, and reminds you people are just people, fabulous and all. We went through downtown to check the Cherry Blossoms. Gorgeous and cool kites flying high!

Me, Ari and Shani stopped in Bmore to see a friend who just joined a Business Sorority and had dinner on the harbor
 which was great. I still have to read Steve's book! I've been reading Pearl Cleage's latest lately and I LOVE me some her. Off to the gym, bridesmaids dress awaits . . .


  1. la negrita said...:

    Welcome back! I was wondering where you were. :)

  1. CJ said...:

    Yup! My bad.

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    You get around chica!