May 23, 2007

I'm all for a man comfortable enough in his own skin to try new things in fashion.
But this?

Age Aint Nothin But a Number?

May 20, 2007
Ok. I know how it feels when an 18 year old kid tells me they feel old and I wonder "what does that make me?" But I have really been feeling grown and anyone who asks how Im doing I tell em the truth - I feel old.
Last night I went to a birthday party of a friend of a friends (Shani) at this huge pool bar. It was hilarious as me and my friends went upstairs and were the only black people up on the dance floor and did the bunny hop to "get me bodied" and folks started taking pics like it was some secret ancient dance;)
But downstairs in there private party room they made me put things in perspective as I was the youngest person in the room which gave me a boost of confidence that I have what it takes to do this adult thing.
So what if I cant find a post office around my place to change my address to here so my magazines arent hanging in the mailroom at HU or that there is a lot of adult business to handle Ive never done before, there's a first for everything.
getting ready for the party and figuring out how to wear a bra with this cute shirt I got with part of the back out, I was watching "Once upon a Prom" on MTV.
It was cute to see this guy take Rhianna and this girl in Atlanta take Bobby Valentino.
So if age is a state of mind, I have nothing to worry about.
But back to Bobby V, who is REALLY short in person, we know its nothing new for them to lie but do we really care how old celebrities are? Last summer when asked how old he was he said "42 (laughs), naw just switch those"
Why all the giggles when someone asks your age?
He really was 26 from my easy math. he was 16 during interviews with Mista for Blackberry Molasses and that had been ten years before.
He's not alone in the R&B guy singers shaving a few years off.
Ne-yo just released a statement saying he's announcing his real age - he's not 24. gasp. he's 27.
Noble? Not at all. The statement went on to say his new album will reflect his maturity and life experiences. high five to his marketing team.
But when you need a "statement" to tell the world your age my eyebrows are already scrunched.
Then last night one of my friends text me saying when you get to a certain age you can't talk to younger folks. Stepped all on my toes because I keep finding myself liking guys a little younger . . .maybe it goes to where my own head is at since I was watching a prom special on MTV.
One woman's baby another's .. .baby? I think I got that saying all wrong . . .

Queen, who made her first trek out to Queens today:)

Dont believe me?

May 17, 2007
Listen to her speech!!!

"If that happens, take the blessing and run with it!"

Hit me right in the forehead and reminded me not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
I started my job yesterday!!!! (as much as I would love to give every tiny detail down to my reunion with the Culture Crew and my cousin asking had I went to church when I come home in all black and a updo, no can do:)
And I also have a fabulous apartment and roommate . . .the first one I looked at when I got here, the first one I ever called. Crazy, right? She already even has the great dining table that's perfect for Teacakes (me and Whit's literary circle we'd love you to join if you're in NYC:).

Now I just need a summer boo:) . . .And pray I get one of these as a graduation gift!


*i promise to get over myself and blog about real stuff . . .like eh eh Umbrella but Im just really overwhelmed with life right now. fa real. Thanks for your patience and I promise to get it together. And thanks to you beautiful people like Elle and Shani and Mikey and Whitney and La who keep me grinding. Come visit me, soon!!!!

My Classmate, Oprah!

May 14, 2007
So, I am officially a college graduate. I stood up and had a hood put over my head that proclaimed to the world I have a degree!
Graduation was . . . AMAZING!!!
My computer is in storage so I'll have to post pics I took with my camera later but these are some my cousin took (and no, im not still mad at her for thinking she knew the edit side of magazines . . .she's letting me crash and that means so much more! and check the cute dress my gift card contributed to:)
And Jameil I promise to get better but I have spent the rest of the weekend name dropping my classmate . . .Oprah:).
If you get a sec be sure to google "Oprah" and "Howard University."
We all hoped she would do great and she was a major cherry on a beautiful sundae in my life. I still enjoy saying, "one of my classmates said something a few days ago" t
hen say what I want and five minutes later like, "oh, you may know her. Oprah Winfrey?"
But seriously, as my friend Tammy put on my facebook wall we did make Oprah cry as she started her speech, "People told me I would feel the love when I came, Howard I feel the love."

It wasn't till she had dried her tears and got deeper in the speech did it sink in why she was so emotional. She echoed Henry Louis Gates's sentiments that it is nothing like being acknowledged by your own.
As she continued to speak and tell of her grandmother's wish for her that she find some "good white people" that would treat her with respect as she worked as their maid, Dr. Winfrey
dded how she wished her
grandmother could see she found some "good w
hite people" to work for her, and I realized what a special and rare moment it really was for us and Oprah - she was looking out at a sea of brown faces - something very rare for her.
As someone from a black neighborhood, a black church, and have gone to black schools my whole life I am submerged in the best of the black community. But Oprah's humility humbled us all to appreciate how special and unique we and Howard really are and the importance to broaden your horizon and bring somebody else up along the way.
If that didn't make you love and respect the lady, my mom told me how a guy selling Oprah shirts on Georgia Ave told his story of how Oprah had actually signed some of the shirts after seeing him hustling
shirts with her face on it, just because. I really wish i would have bought one of those shirts:(
I am so fortunate to have been able to be a part of the class and will put
up this testimony post I was working on when I get the balls, because like my classmate Oprah, we all have a journey and duty to share our story.
I'll start with the confidence of a degree supporting me, Im a college graduate, a cancer survivor and a queen.

Thanks for all the love and support and congrats to all graduates!!!!

*Please check my girl Kirsten cheesing behind Oprah when she should already be in her seat with the School of B:)

About that kept woman thing . . .

May 4, 2007
It's officially postponed:)
I guess in the pressure of the job search and the rent reality, I really was thinking of an easy way out.
And being a kept woman is cool, especially if you use the time to make a difference and follow your dreams and talents. But single me got something even better . . . inspired by amazing women and a J-O-B!
If mushy stuff makes you throw up pick up a brown paper bag *here* because my week has been a great one!!!
Monday we presented our senior thesis and then had our honors farewell dinner which was so much fun. It finally sunk in that I was leaving college as I looked around at the first group of people I met when I got to Howard.
After a bus ride back with the sing-a-long of montell jordan, MJB and you know some Candy Rain and Dru Hill, I was so lucky that my interview for the next day had to be postponed since I wasn't packed, wasn't ready and didn't feel like getting on a bus in the middle of the night.
Tuesday morning my girl Kinsey cooked breakfast for us all and I brought the smoothies.I was so excited to finally see 'Deja Vu' and loved it. You have to hear my cousin's theory of how he must have gone back more than once . . . just like us to be adding scenes in the movie . . .
I make it to NY Tuesday night and now once again you can take your two fingers, place them in the middle of my forehead and mush me.
I had on my cute knee shorts, mustard short sleeve sweater and chocolate cork sandals . . . and cursed myself out the whole walk to my cousin's apartment for taking out my trench coat and my sweater before leaving and leaving them both on my bed b/c it was hot in DC. Why I thought four hours away the weather would be the same Ill never know.
So I leave out Wednesday morning in this short sleeve light dress in 50 degree weather, shaking my head at myself the whole time. I am smart enough to leave with a few minutes to spare in hoping the Conway by the train station on 116th has some type of jacket. It's spring so I luck upon this red 3/4 length "trench" coat for $13.
It makes me laugh when I think how may compliments that jacket got. Here's a pic of me and the homie Jan on her birthday that day at Melba's.
So wednesday was great as I meet with two of my mentors, my resume went a phenomenal and much needed critique and I was back at Auntie "E" like I never left:) Had lunch with Nakisha and had a peek into what my life could be.
Thursday I was so excited I had lucked up being in the right place at the right time and my career counselor invited me to sit at the HU table at the Ebony Outstanding Women's Luncheon at Cipriani. It was absolutely AMAZING and shamed me a little for letting the pressure get to me and reminded me its not optional to be all we can be!!!!
So the reception before the luncheon is so nice with the red carpet outside and my red jacket happening to match perfectly I laugh at myself again as I speak to a familiar face . . .
Michelle Obama comes in and is ushered to the press area as Sheila Johnson Rice flutters around in this fly suit. I see Harriette Cole who I am a big fan of and am about to walk over and speak when it's time to go sit at tables.
Sitting at the table I am just trying to keep cool as the Dean from my school sits by me and successful alum take there seats around the table. Harriette is the MC and begins the program.
We stand as this lady sings "Lift Every Voice and Sing." Phylicia Rashaad comes on and is absolutely STUNNING and Im scared of my own clairvoyant power as I had just seen her on Patti Labelle's show the day before. She has this presence and way of speaking that had us all silent - which is a big deal for prosperous black folks.
Lunch begins and everyone is up getting there network on.
Holly Robinson Pete walks by and takes her seat.
A line forms by B. Smith as ladies crowd to meet her.
I am enjoying it all and know there is no way I am "making rounds"
At the urging of Sabrina from Career Services I realize this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal and I get up and try and find Harriette (and y'all know I have stalker tendencies so before knowing of this luncheon I had already sent her a card telling her how much I admired her)
I dont see her but I do meet publicist extraordinaire Terrie Williams who is phenomenal and speak to Ebony VP/HU Alum Jeff Burns as pretentious ladies with rhinestone studded stunna shades yell across the room "JEFF." comedy.
Im walking back to my table and passing the B. Smith line when I hear the lady who has her full attention say how interested she is in the project. I keep walking to see who it is and lock eyes with Raven-Symone who is pretty . . .and as regular as any fly girl walking Howard's campus and I like her for that.
Lunch over and the presenters of the awards are as fly as the amazing women. Raven and Holly both present, as Holly presents to Yvette Lee Bowser, who I will love forever for Living Single (y'all know Im a Carrie/Kadijah mix:) Michael Eric Dyson is a hilarious presenter as he presents to Gwen Ifill. And Sheila Johnson Rice presents to our next first lady, Michelle Obama. But Ann Fudge's, with her stunning white hair, acceptance speech touch me the most as she pulled out her grandmother's diploma from night school in 1929 forcing us all to remember just how far we have come and remember how we got here or even have a shot at so much greatness.

As if that day couldn't get better, it did. After probably being too honest and cool at the magazine I visited before, I make my way home and am proud to share I will be working at essence.com as a freelance editorial assistant. Just like last summer, that's all I'll be saying about job stuff on this here blog, but I am way too excited not to share that important news! Thank you beautiful people who read the blog and keep me honest (you know I was rolling on the Chinatown bus ride back when in the Vibe coverstory Beyonce is talking bout the videos and how she was acting like a drag queen in one:). Now I just need people ready to move with me at the first of the month!

God is good (all the time too, not just in the highs),